Time to Celebrate?

It’s been #7Days.

Team #VernonJ has reason to celebrate.
We also got all of our laundry washed, dried, ironed, & put away yesterday.

It’s almost like the weekend wants to come a day early for us. BUT we all know that the weekend starts on Thursday.

But we certainly can call the #FNP up early.

So Happy #FNP everyone.

Police: Woman hit snoring boyfriend with pry bar

Look in the corner of her eye man. Do you see it? I don’t like snoring, but I’ve never hit one of my girlfriends with a pry bar. Also none of my girlfriends have never snored, so I got that going for me.

There also isn’t that thing in the corner of my eye.

Starting off right

This week is starting off right.

Happy Tuesday & many gracious thanks.

I didn’t have you go in to work yesterday. I got laundry washed, dried, folded and/or ironed, put away.

Today is the 13th day of January in my 36th year.

I was happy with that text from Angie. I was must concerned about what day laundry world get done.

I have an Omaha Young Republicans meeting today. I encourage everyone to come & hear from the candidate’s for the Douglas County Republican Party Chairman candidates.

We’re going to make it an exciting election cycle. Victory on #110816. That’s the next National General Election. We’re going to help elect Republicans for Douglas County, State of Nebraska, Three Republican Representatives for Congress, & a Republican President.

Well I hope you make it a good day.


1 & 1

1 Day & 1 Minute.

Good Morning & Happy Trail Mix.

That’s what we have.

Today is Monday the 17th day of November in my 36th Year.

I went to a certain location & picked up pictured trail mix.

As I was waking up this morning. The 1 Day 1 Minute. It isn’t a profound discovery. BUT it seems evident today.

I know what I’m scheduled to be doing based on what I want or need to do. But I’m with 100’s of other people, so I’m flexible.

The word of the day is rufescent which is somewhat reddish.

The last NASCAR race was great. Congratulations to Kevin Harvick & team. I’m PROUD to call myself a NASCAR fan.

So today I’ve got to work both jobs. I’ll do 8/8.5 at First Data. Then head over to Dunkin’ Donuts.

Going to do laundry tomorrow.

Wednesday I’ve currently got no plans.

Work & this on Thursday.

Work & Karaoke on Friday.

What are you looking forward too?

2 degrees more.

Ah its Thursday. The 1st day of the #weekend. Let the weekend swagger conmence. That’s about 2 more degrees of sway to the left or right than on Sunday – Wednesday.

Happy Morning.

Going to be a great day for Team Vernon J.

Today is Thursday the 10th day in the seventh month in my 36th year.

The missing item isn't food

Work(s) was amazing yesterday. I provided funny customer service at the donut shop. Well the customer laughed so that means funny, right?

The word of the day is grok which is to understand.

Today is laundry day & I’m okay with that. I’ve got to work 13.87 hours at First Data the rest of the week. Go onto Dunkin’ Donuts at 1800 today, 1600 tomorrow, & some time Saturday & Sunday. Check the calendar.

U Can’t Touch This is playing now.

Have a good day.

Passenger Seat

Riding on the passenger seat this morning.
The scooter is still down. Waiting on a part to arrive from Texas, then I get to fix it today.

Good Morning Squatters.

Hoping it didn’t come today, suppose to train milk & ragweed.

Today is the 18th Day of the 6th month in the 36th year of me.

I’ve got work today.

The word of the day is flak which is criticism; hostile; reaction; abuse.

I washed yesterday & today is ironing day.

A pretty good night. I watched a majority of Jack & Jill. Did you see the Dunkin’ Donuts commercial on the movie? That was funny we should run that in the stores.

I’m still waiting on the son to come up.

Have a goat Day.

My Afternoon Report

Great or Good Afternoon, I can’t decide how good it was.

Work was fine. I did some more training and took some calls. Slow days at work, but still getting it done.

Just have to work 4 days this week, took vacation on Saturday for the big move.

Today is Tuesday 12/24/V3.4 & it is a pear kinda day. I had a pear at lunch, but if you follow me on twitter an fourquare you would know this.

I’m doing laundry as part of the move, I’m tired of this packing stuff. So I think that will be the packing for the night, I’m almost done. I have pots and pans to pack, my plates and pie pan. A few more food items, the fridge also needs to be packed. But you can’t do that before you leave.

The word of the day is jigger which is any of various mechanical devices, many of which have a jerky or jolting motion.

Make it a great time.

Peace Time

The Hour of the Tiger.

Good Morning & Happy Thursday.

My game has peace time, apparently you can’t attack during that time.

Today is Thursday 11/28/V3.4 & in the United States of America it is Thanksgiving.

I would like to give a shoutout to the people that are working this Thanksgiving and making the most of it. For Team Vernon J it is business as usual. We have eaten breakfast, we have made the bed, the laundry is in.

I’ve also had the pleasure of washing dishes today. I’ve also rewatched Eurotrip, No relation to Road Trip.

The word of the day is borborygmus which is a rumbling or gurgling sound caused by the movement of gas in the intestines. Everyday I be borborygmus’n

I read A Guile of Dragons over the last week. I’m also rereading Mockingjay at the same time. After seeing the 2nd movie, I want to reread the book.

I’m looking forward to making Italian Sausage Soup, I undryed the Great Northern Beans last night.

What are you doing today?

Let This Happen

So there has been a change of SOP for Thursday.

Good Morning & Happy Thursday!

I’m going to do laundry this afternoon instead of in the morning, we will see how this works.

Today is Thursday 11/21/V3.4 & it shall be a great day.

Well it is a balmy, 0 – degrees outside. Good think I’m inside, where it is a comfy condition where I don’t have to wear pants. I Love the Pants Free Zone.

This photo is from flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/erikamoen/5374993282/

This weekend is looking to be another great weekend. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens, I’m planning to go see it after work on Friday. Aksarben Cinema has it showing at 1600 & 1630, so I’ll go see it at one of those times. No one else of Team Vernon J has expressed interest in seeing this. The comment section below is where you disagree with me and write, I WANNA GO!

The word of the day is snarky which is testy or irritable; short.

Enjoy your day & Make it Work.

We Designed

Let’s hope the design is better than last week.

Good Morning & Happy Thursday Folks. It is a great day in Omaha, but did you miss me?

Today is Thursday 10/31/V3.4 & it is Halloween.

Yeah, I just got a call to win an iPad, yeah I’m going to go ahead and pass.

Well after laundry today I’m going to nap. I was going to stay in bed a little bit longer, but I didn’t. I have washed dishes, ate breakfast, watched The Morning Blend. I’m watching Person of Interest from Tuesday while I put these characters to other characters.

The word of the day is phantasmagoric which is having a fantastic or deceptive appearance.

So there have been two things (actually three) that have been bothering me.

1st North Dakota letter. This lady is clarifying her position on childhood obesity. People are upset about this, read comments on any page that carries that story.

2nd Also recently in Omaha someone wanted to build a house. They found opposition from the neighbors and the quasi-government historical society. They have said they will be building their house somewhere else in the metro. There were no objective criteria of what is considered a historic house. 25 years ago is history today, so is 50, so is 75. Today will be history tomorrow.

Have a great day.