Yesterd …

Yesterday was a good time.

I worked some, I went to Omaha.

I had a few, got to sing some karaoke, which we know is always a good time.

Thanks Jim & Mandi.

1 & 1

1 Day & 1 Minute.

Good Morning & Happy Trail Mix.

That’s what we have.

Today is Monday the 17th day of November in my 36th Year.

I went to a certain location & picked up pictured trail mix.

As I was waking up this morning. The 1 Day 1 Minute. It isn’t a profound discovery. BUT it seems evident today.

I know what I’m scheduled to be doing based on what I want or need to do. But I’m with 100’s of other people, so I’m flexible.

The word of the day is rufescent which is somewhat reddish.

The last NASCAR race was great. Congratulations to Kevin Harvick & team. I’m PROUD to call myself a NASCAR fan.

So today I’ve got to work both jobs. I’ll do 8/8.5 at First Data. Then head over to Dunkin’ Donuts.

Going to do laundry tomorrow.

Wednesday I’ve currently got no plans.

Work & this on Thursday.

Work & Karaoke on Friday.

What are you looking forward too?

I’m a What

Listening to Keith Anderson’s XXL right now.

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

Keith Anderson – XXL – YouTube

Today is Thursday 02/27/V3.4 & it is the eve of the last day of February. Maybe the #FNP will arrive today.

Yesterday was a good day. Decided to make a surprise visit to Jason’s Deli, I had the Sweet Potato & Pork soup. It was a good decision. For Dinner I had my Sausage & Peppers that I made this week, went to Bag ‘N Save & got fresh potato wedges. NOW that’s good eating. Tonight for dinner there will be Spaghetti & Meatballs. Looking forward to that, I’ve extended 1 invitation as of right now. I won’t name names, but there is like a 95% chance it wasn’t you. IF it was you and you are reading this, why haven’t you responded. Vernon J needs to know, thanks.

Tomorrow is the 1st Fish fry of the season & the first fish fry of my life (that I can remember).

Saturday is Hockey & just maybe I can convincethe other members of Team Vernon J to go out for karaoke. I’ve just been singing this morning & having fun doing it.

The word of the day is deipnosophist which is a person who is an adept conversationalist at a table. The following is just for men, it could apply to the ladies. If a person (in a romantic relationship) uses 14 minutes of a 15 minute conversation. They could be crazy. I didn’t say it, just heard it.

Sunday is church & NASCAR. They are not equal, but they will both be done.

I think that is it for now.

As always follow Vernon J on twitter for the daily happenings thoughout the day.

That’s 500 ml

*edit* I decided to go with the Pulled Pork as it is simpler to consume, than the Pineapple Pork Roast with Rice or other pasta type dish.

I need 500 ML of juice for my smoothie.

Good Morning & Happy Sunday. Today is Sunday 11/10/V3.4 & we are JUST 5 DAYS away from the middle of the month.

So I have about 400ML of Apple Cider, I also have a pineapple in the fridge, I’m like this has juice in it. So I start squeezing said pineapple, After I get the container full, it decides to spill. YES the disappointment is high, but it is okay. There was bacon cooking & the bacon is good.

The word of the day is mufti which is civilian clothes, in contrast with military or other uniforms, or as worn by a person who usually wears a uniform. We just called them Civi’s when I was in the United States Army.

Monday is Veterans Day. Here’s to all the other Veterans who have answered the call. Thanks.

So today is going to be a good day. Heading to church this morning. After the church I’ll be heading to the G-Store for supplies.

I’m making a pineapple pork roast or pulled pork. I’ll also be making chili cause that’s what I wanna do.

Prepping for the week. This is Regional Meeting week for Vernon J. I have a meeting Monday, Tuesday, & a quasi-meeting Thursday.

Thursday is a fundraiser for Gwenn Aspen’s campaign. Visit for more information.

I do have the need for Karaoke, so that might happen Wednesday. But I do need some time at home. But I’m sure I’d have fun at either location.

We also have a huge announcement. The neighbors television volume didn’t keep me up last night. Good Times.

To everyone working today. Have a great day at work.

To us non-workers today. Have a great day not working.

The sun looks great.

So everyone is posting on Facebook about what they are Thankful for. Well I’m thankful for friends, smiles, & laughs everyday.

I’ll join the caravan though.

1st – I’m Thankful for friends.
2nd – I’m Thankful for Clyde & Lola Woods. They are two great people who took in foster children. I was one of those at the age of 15. I wouldn’t be where I am now without there kindness.
3rd – Freedom
4th – Hard Work & dedication to doing what is good.


We can be the best, and if we are not at our  best, we can be better.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday. Today is Wednesday 10/23/V3.4 & it is a day we can rejoice in.

My shirt smells good.

We’ll we’ve got XI hours of work today. That’ll being me to XXXV paid and XXXVII unpaid.

Although a majority of that time was spent sleeping. VI hours spent in the company of friends. User the hours wisely.

The word of the day is falderal which is mere nonsense; foolish talk or ideas.

So let us see what the rest of the week holds for Vernon J.

After all work today. There shall be some Karaoke had.

Thursday is day off. Laundry, doctor, nap(s).

Friday is back to work. The University of Nebraska Omaha hockey team will be in action. Going to that.

Saturday is a half work (but fully+ paid). I’m taking PTO at First Data. The community center & Benson Business District is having the annual Boo Bash. I’m working there from 0900 to 1300. I may will go to church on Saturday. I’ve also been invited to Melissa’s 27th Birthday party. It starts out at like 157th & Pacific St.

That makes it a solid no at this point. She said she might go downtown, which would move it out of the no category.

What do you have going on this weekend?

My Evening Report


Person 1: I’ve sang karaoke after you.
Mark: that sounds like Vernon J

Good Evening & Happy Friday Eve!!!!

So I went to Gerda’s tonight to ‘help setup’ for Oktoberfest tomorrow.

Who has the world's greatest dad?
Who has the world’s greatest dad?

I’m sure you think it is you.

I’m sure you dad is Great, maybe Greater, but as of tonight he isn’t the greatest.

That award goes to a dad of a daughter who was at Gerda’s. He bought me dinner, yeah that makes it awesome!!!!

That’s My Evening Report!!!

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy #FNP Eve.

Well it is 23.47 on a Thursday Night. I’m somewhere in Iowa. I am somewhere between Council Bluffs & Meniola IA.

I went on the Taco Ride tonight.

It was a Fentastic Time.

I met Theresa (who may have a boyfriend), so take that for what’s it is worth. Her Birthday is 05/29/1987 & we ALL know how special #0529 is to Vernon J

I also met Whit, I can call her Alyson. I asked. I also got her phone number & Birthday! I asked her Birthday First. Cause you know I do it right.

I got a flat front, I got a soft flat after work last night. I used my emergency air pump. Cause that’s what it is for.

I checked my air pressure before I left. I filled up at Tobey Jack’s Steakhouse. Jennifer wonders if that is the BEST steakhouse in Mineola? I’ll probably never know.

Well I had a spare tube & got that filled up. I rode like the guy I can, Scott had a flat so I caught up with Jennifer, Mark, & Scott before we got to the end of the ride. I then also had to circle back to make sure Mark was okay. He was!

We know are listening to 94.1 FM, incase you were confused about our American Band Stations.

Vernon J is now on the highway.

An invitation

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

Here is an invitation to join the fun.

Today is Thursday 07/11/V3.4 & it is 5 to 10 mins to asses it.

So we are starting with the ole laundry routine. I need to wash dishes and stuff like that.

We are doing the taco ride and you are free to join us.

So last night was #Interesting, we had fun at Saint’s Pub + Patio. It would’ve been more fun if more people had came, not sure if I am going to make this a weekly thing. Part of the fun of Karaoke is the crowd. The number of singers/patrons should outnumber the servers.

Then I came home and well that was awesome.

As I told Alan


The word fo the day is accrete is to grow together; adhere.

well that is it for now.

Tonight’s the Night

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

Tonight’s the Night that it happens.

Today is Wednesday 07/10/V3.4 and II days in Omaha just ain’t gonna do. Stay a little longer, we’d like your money.

So who’s in for Karaoke Tonight?

The word of the day is boniface which is any landlord or innkeeper.

More to come!