T & C’s

Some (okay 98%) of websites could put whatever in the Terms & Conditions & I wouldn’t read them. Yeah, you updated them, what’s the big deal, show me the content you’re providing.

How’s cute?


I don’t even know how you can be a bad spouse.

You’ve got to be all in & give your all.

I know I will.

0800 to 0900

Well it’s Friday March 27th.

As I promised on March 1st, this is Anything Can Happen March – http://twitter.vernon-j.com/?p=1001

I got a new job offer, wasn’t expecting that.

Financed a new car, wasn’t expecting that.

Well this is coming to a close & between 0800 & 0900 I should be going to the courthouse to put a ring on it. #ACHM

I dropped my pretzel


I dropped my Rold Gold Pretzel & it broke.

Good Morning & Happy Thursday!

I was making my lunch, which is made before breakfast. Those are the ground rules.

Today is the 26th day of February in my 36th year. In 1919 & 1929 2 National Parks were established. Do you know which ones they were? The answer will be revealed on twitter at some point today.

Yesterday was a good day, went to work. Got to come home & make a nice dinner & dessert.

So I’m watching Action 3 News This Morning, as that is the ONLY news worth watching. You could also go with #LiveOnFOX42, I still think that is the best hashtag ever, cause they are only live from 2100 to 2200. I haven’t watched them in years.

BUT the reason I bring it up is that the family members are saying that the police are making up the whole ‘he robbed a store thing’. FOR crying outloud, why would the police do that. On Omaha.com(use incognito) . I am lead to believe that the guy did commit the crime. He was shot because he didn’t follow the lawful orders of the officer.

Here’s hoping justice will prevail for all involved.

More information Here’s KMTV’s story http://www.jrn.com/kmtv/news/Officer-involved-shooting-update-294199161.html?lc=Smart

Also here’s a picture of him ‘not robbing’ the store –

Have a terrific day, I’ll see you on the other side of our doors.


A great weekend for Team Vernon J

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

Looking forward to a great week ahead.

Today is the 23rd day of February in my 36th year.

It started on Thursday. I worked, saw a movie, laughed.

Friday was almost like Thursday, except I went to a Fishfry. You can see pictures here – http://photos.Vernon-J.com/2015/02/21/photos-from-friday-0220v3-5/

Saturday I worked & went out to Brewsky’s.

This week is already bringing unexpected benefits. Have a dinner thing this evening.

My semi-annual dentist appt is today.

I’ve also made timing changes with my schedule. I’m thinking I’ll do four 8.5 days & one 6 hour day. Stay tuned you see how it goes.

Here’s an Apple that will be consumed soon.


Good things

Let this be the week of grace & happiness.

Great Morning All.

Starting the Day with a smile


Today is the Ninth Day of February in my 36th year.

We are four months away from my Birthday.

I have a busy week ahead. Although it won’t be any busier than last week.

Work Today,
Meeting Tuesday,
Work Wednesday,
No plans Thursday or Friday. Would be a perfect day to celebrate Valentines Day.
I have a fundraiser Friday. Night
Alumni Night & Hockey Saturday.

What do you have going on?

Happy Monday.

What a weekend

That was great.

Good Morning Beautiful.

Our was an amazing weekend. Nap all the days. Sports, friends, challenges & adventures.

Today is the 2nd of February in my 36th Year.

Thursday I worked both jobs & napped

Friday I worked one job, napped, was a dragon, went to Crescent Moon, went to UNO Hockey to see the #5 team win in overtime over the #1 team.

I also discovered fraud on my checking account, so that actually didn’t effect me too much.

Saturday I worked at Dunkin’, napped, ate dinner, watch about 1/2 of the Saturday game.

Thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible. Look for photos later today.

How was your weekend?

AP News : Obama to seek to bust limits on domestic, defense spending

“fully paid for with cuts to inefficient spending programs and closing tax loopholes,” but taxpayers will have to wait until the budget is formally released Monday to find out exactly how.


I’m for efficient operation & closing loopholes.

I’m not for increasing the budget. We need a balance budget & any additional revenue over the last 3 year average shouldn’t be spent on new or larger program.

It should be used to pay down the National debt.