6 Month 2 Days

Today is August 12th, it is 6 Months 2 Days away from 6 months until my favorite holiday.

What are you going to do with it?

Happy Man Day

Happy Man Day to all the men folk out there.

Today is Sunday 06/21/2015.

After careful discussions with Angela (she is a woman).

I want to wish all the men out there Happy Man Day!

Good things

Let this be the week of grace & happiness.

Great Morning All.

Starting the Day with a smile


Today is the Ninth Day of February in my 36th year.

We are four months away from my Birthday.

I have a busy week ahead. Although it won’t be any busier than last week.

Work Today,
Meeting Tuesday,
Work Wednesday,
No plans Thursday or Friday. Would be a perfect day to celebrate Valentines Day.
I have a fundraiser Friday. Night
Alumni Night & Hockey Saturday.

What do you have going on?

Happy Monday.

My Valentine

Well you be my Valentine.

My buddy Erin posted these. I think someone should copy her & then bring me some.

I’ll be at Dunkin’ Donuts(10730 Q St.) Monday & Wednesday from 1730 to close, Saturday from 0500 to 1200. You come be awesome. I’ll have a ThankYou gift & a #mile.

Repost @erinomaha
Valentine’s treats test run.


Valentine’s Day

I’m not saying you got bumped for the UNO Alumni Association​ Night on the Ice. But I’ve got Valentine’s Day evening plans. I’m still free Thursday Night for dinner & Friday Evening.

Someone (KP, no relation to Kitchen Protocol) asked me what to get for Valentine’s Day. KP is the opposite of me.

I said well I like chocolates, flowers.

She said no for a guy.

Once again I said ‘I like chocolates, flowers, card, a massage. Your guy might like a beer & some sports tickets.

7 days to go.


NYE Bash

What’s going on for the 2014 #NYE bash?


Let’s ring in 2015 with pride.

Taking ALL suggestions as of today.

Don’t worry I have my Valentine’s Day plans in the holster.

Change a few

Change a few words, you get a different story.

OMAHA (FOX42KPTM) — Some national retail chains are not opening ahead of Black Friday, and some Omaha stores say they are planning to do the same.

Black Friday usually means shopping deals, crowded malls and early hours for some employees, even on Thanksgiving Day.

“Thursday everybody will get a chance to get a little rest,” said Barry Berglund, who managers ‘Parable’ in Omaha.

He says he wants his employees working, instead of home behind a baster.

“It’s a busy time in retail and so they’re going to be here a lot they’re going to be home a lot. You know they sacrifice a lot of time during that season. For that time for that day I think it’s important to be at work,” said Berglund.

Berglund says he’s felt the pressure to close on Thanksgiving since other stores open earlier every year.

“When it first started that way, you started to wonder but I think it’s just gotten so, it just seems like it’s almost like it’s just gotten kind of crazy. It’s like no, it’s not even worth, it’s one of those wheels you don’t even want to get on,” said Berglund.

But Berglund says he doesn’t think opening his store for one day will hurt shoppers or sales.

“There’s still going to be plenty of time for people to shop and get what they want to do during the Christmas season,” said Berglund.

‘Parable’ isn’t the only one giving employees a break. Costco, GameStop and NordStrom will be closed Thanksgiving for the same reason.

However… Macy’s and walmart will both open at 6pm Thanksgiving Day.

Toy ‘R’ Us will open an hour earlier.

Originally story here. http://www.fox42kptm.com/story/27170594/some-omaha-stores-giving-employees-break-not-opening-early-for-black-friday?config=H264