My Evening Report

Good Evening & I hope you had a #TTuesday.

I did, did it the best way I know how. I even got some jazz.

I have to say that the best thing about today, was seeing my name in The 2012 Olympic Trials Swimming Official Event Program. It is the little things that make me smile. I’m on page 93. Yes you can turn to page 92 & EYES RIGHT!

I also got to have a 3 hour Happy Hour, so that was fun.

I then found out about this amazing thing called Overly Attached Girlfriend, I’ll let you search that term. Its fun & no one gets hurt.

What is the rule on texting someone after 10? It isn’t like calling, which I would never do. But it also isn’t like e-mail, which I will DO ANYTIME, ANYWHERE as long as I have a internet connection.

Well that is it for now. Have a wonderful.

My Evening Report

Good Evening & How was your Sinday?

The Champ is in the house, The Champ is in the House.

I can now add a successful watermelon eating competition to my resume.

Here are some pics

Digging in, no hands allowed. That didn’t stop me.

I also went & hung out at a park in Omaha. I’m not going to tell you were, it is a secret.

I had a funny conversation with Ciara on twitter. She has a potty mouth though, very disappointing.

Well that’s it for this evening, see you on the next go round.

My Evening Report

I’m filing this on lunch.

I’m going back to work & don’t think much will happen.

work, break, work, home.

We’ll the ‘other one’ has the same landlord as me. I was shocked, can’t wait to get my yard signs. Its on.

I had bratwurst, pretzel crisps & cookies for lunch.


That’s todays report.

My Evening Report

I will bethe 1st to tell you that a FULL niht og sleep helps.

No yawning or other random tiredness.

Based on that information, I’ll be performing a quality ironing session when I ge home tonight. I have a meeting at 11.0 tomorrow, which also encourages me to iron, that wil I’ve me th time I need in the morning. I’m currently writng this on my last break at work.

I’ll have 1 hour to go when it is over.

I wanna say that sums up my night.

b.l.w. Ensure that you have went upstairs & retrived your lunch pail. Let’s see how good my memory is.

Time to catch up on twitter.

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The truth about Dogs & Cats

Me & James were out campaigning for a great guy today.

There was a new puppy who was running around Jim & peeing. I laughed ALOT!

Then as we are a leaving a cat crosses the street, lays down & acts like it wanted to be petted. I was like, did the cat REALLY just do that. I didn’t pet the cat, it got up & walked away.

Why would they?

Good Morning & How do they make so many children.

I’m watching a movie & they have a 91 year old lady who is cranky, it is expected because she is 91. Amanda Peet is a cranky young lady & it isn’t appropriate.

Today is Saturday 03/17/V3.2 & it is a great day.

I haven’t ate breakfast yet, I’m postponing it for right now. It is the next thing I’m going to do, I promise & even if I don’t you won’t know.

Well today at Noon I’m going to start going door – to – door, I have to go get some more stuff printed cause I’m out of it. That means I’ve made connections to 500 or more people.

Yesterday was a good day at work, we actually got to call some people. I was excited.I also got my Victoria Secret’s catalog on Wednesday & it came back at work.

The word of the day is selcouth which is strange; uncommon.

What are you doing today?

Well Hello There, YOU RUINED IT!

Good Afternoon & Happy Thursday,

Well aren’t you just looking like you want a Valentine’s Date from my review mirror? WAIT, you speeding now. Well you don’t look so good anymore.

Today is Thursday 02/09/V3.2.

I had a phone interview with First Data this morning. Then I had a real interview with Farmer’s Insurance.  The First Data is an interview for a phone job, not the dream job. BUT it was better than the Farmer’s Insurance interview.  It’s the same deal as American Income Life. I’m apparently suppose to sell 40 property & casual products to my friends & 4 Life products before they start paying me. So you can imagine that I won’t be taking that job.

Well I still have the ole laundry to do, I’ll do that after my meeting. Its suppose to be happening right now, I hope I’m at the right Starbucks. I don’t see anyone with an iPhone that fits the description of a Jessica.  That’s all I got to go on, NO she didn’t give me her phone number, #fail.

The word of the day is screed which is a long discourse or essay, especially a diatribe. YES this blog entry seems like a screed, but it’s coming to an end.

So what’s the policy for laying on your horn when someone is texting in the car next to you.  Cause I did it last night & IT WAS so funny.  I think I’ll enjoy that portion of my drive.

We are only V days away, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Just 1 thing

So I was communicating with someone & told them I had won tickets for the baseball game on Tuesday.

She was wondering if I was asking her to come.

HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!

Too funny.

Thanks for the Laugh

Dear Facebook,

PLEASE quit making me laugh, Stop suggesting that I add her as a friend.
I wouldn’t add that person if someone said they would pay off ALL my student loans.
But you do give me a good laugh every-time I see it.


truly NEVER adding her as a friend.

Vernon J