Today’s Adventure

Good Morning & Happy Friday!!!

Today’s Adventure has been pretty well. Got up at 07.50ish due to someone scraping their car windows. That is on top of the plow that came though during sleepy time.

Today is Friday 02/22/V3.3 & it will be a day to Begin Again!!!

I’ve already been to the ATM, Grocery Store this morning. Taking care of business, like a #VernonJ.

I got a break today, my supervisor said I didn’t have to go into work today. We would’ve had to be there 5 mins ago. I’m sure nobody would’ve come in though. The only downside to this is that Michelle didn’t get me to bring her any breakfast. She’s a medium size lady, & I’m sure she’ll be fine. Also I won’t name names, but her co-workers looked better with her glasses & the hair the way it was today.

These are the wings that was eaten in the Twisted Pine Ghost Face Killah Beer & Wing Challenge. image I didn’t eat this particular wings, when I took this picture I had already consumed my wings.

I ate 10 wings & drank a beer in 1 minute & 54 seconds. I came in fifth place. The winner finished in 1 minute & 8 seconds.

You can see more pictures here. Speaking of Crescent Moon Alehouse Kelly isn’t reading my blog.

The word of the day is umber which is shade; shadow. When I came out of N Frills with my Food Bank for the Heartland & Baker’s reusable bag the sun was shining. That would create a umber.

Also their customer service left something to be desired, I went to the ‘check yourself out’ & the lady kept leaving. Took about an extra 3 to 5 mins of my time cause she just couldn’t stay put. NOW to be fair, she was helping other employees back another customers grocery.

So now I’m going to go & wash dishes & put my Pizza & Tater Puffs in the oven for dinner. I still have to go to work tonight. We aren’t on a level & that means I have to be there on time. Which means I have to catch the early bus, cause they are running on winter time.

It is National Margarita Day. My friend Dawn told me about this National Holiday, yet another reason why I shouldn’t have to go to work.

Well that’s it for now.

Vernon J out.

Name Dropping

Good Afternoon & Happy Thursday,

We’ve had a great day so far. I won’t name drop.

Today is Thursday 01/24/V3.3 & it will be a great day to stand with you pride.

Who am I kidding. I met Sarah Hughes & Ashley Wagner. OH yeah, I was volunteering down at the 2013 US Championships. You may have heard about them before. I’m done name dropping now.

I’m doing laundry now, you know it is Thursday & I can’t think of a reason I wouldn’t be doing laundry.

Later I will be heading back downtown to finish off my volunteering for the month.

The word of the day is kibitzer which is a giver of uninvited or unwanted advice. I try not to be a kibitzer, but if you are reading this blog or following me on twitter you are asking for it.

Did everyone see that Katie has now joined twitter. By joined I mean she took control of her previously established account.

I’m pretty sure I heard this song earlier today, it is a good song so I don’t care. Speaking of things that I don’t care about.

What are you doing today?

Make it a GREAT Day!!!

You can’t be the sugar.

Good Morning & Happy FNP!

You can’t be the sugar in my pie & other food pick-up lines.

Today is Friday 10/12/V3.2 & it is going to be an artistic & comedic day.

Okay, that was a pick-up line, that was an ‘anti-pick-up line (looking for a better term).

Here is a list of The Greatest Food Pickup Lines | The Daily Meal, let me know how that works all you awesome pick-up artists. I don’t use a pick-up line. I just tell them My Name is Vernon J and/or indicate that on my nametag. HEY it worked.

Speaking of that it is just 3 months away from Mindi’s 30th Birthday. NO she hasn’t started planning yet, it is my job to make a big deal about it.

The word of the day is zeugma which is the use of a word to modify or govern two or more words when it is appropriate to only one of them or is appropriate to each but in a different way, as in to wage war and peace or On his fishing trip, he caught three trout and a cold.

Did you know that I’m a fan of Omaha Morning Blend, it premieres LIVE on KMTV Monday – Friday at 09.00 & you can catch the reply at High Noon on KMTV digital channel 3.1. Well they are running a promo about how to get your business on the show & reach out to your customers. I would Email Joe to get on the show. I promise if you say you comment on this entry, get on the show (& have a twitter account), I’ll give you a shoutout on said twitter.

So now that we got the plug for the Best Darn Morning Show, PERIOD!  I’m featured in that promo, now we can go on.

I’m watching the Titanic right now, I need to get in the kitchen and do my manly duties. Wash dishes, eat breakfast, make lunch, make dinner. NOT all those are in a particular order.

So here it goes.


Ludicrous Expensive

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

Apparently the Neiman Marcus Big Book is coming out this weekend.

Today is Tuesday 10/09/V3.3 & it is going to be a GREAT day.

Apparently the book is $15, so I can’t even look in it to see what Ludicrous Expensive item you won’t buy me. So if you happen to get a copy of the book, let me know so I can take a peek. I’m 27 minutes into my day, I’ve got the rice cooking. I’m going to eat breakfast & make lunch.

I have a busy day ahead, working II of my III jobs & going to a meeting or two.

The word of the day is catachresis misuse or strained use of words in error or for rhetorical effect.

We got to go to the hockey game yesterday & I was glad I went.

Yeah, we is actually a term for more than one person. Which is a good thing.

I got to hang out with Cassandra & actually see the hockey game, haven’t done one of those in awhile. Thank Goodness for that. So we move on from there now & do our thing.

Well I need to be gone in about 1/2 hour, so that means no more blogging & actually doing something else THAT’S important.

Two things different

*editors note* this was started at 06.23 on Saturday 09/22/V3.3*

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

I’ve done (at least) two things different so far this morning.

Today is Saturday 09/22/V3.3 & we are rolling though the grains of wheat.

1st – I got dressed before eating.
2nd – I’ve made my bed


I ran off to work at 07.00 & got done at 10.00.

Then my day started & it was all the things I reported in My Evening Report that has already been published.

I then went & picked up Mindi at her residence & headed over to Mike’s & Dawn’s to watch some football.  Dawn made some Chicken Tortilla Soup & it was good.

We then went & picked up Clint for his surprise 40th Birthday party. I (we) were responsible for getting him to the party. WE went on a little scavenger hunt & took care of business.

We then left there & went to Crescent Moon to compete in a eating contest (Just ME) & enjoy the 11th Annual October Fest. More details about how this event went in today’s post.

The word of the day was hematic which is of or pertaining to blood; hemic. Lynette gave blood today at -7.00 or so. YES I hung out with Mindi & Lynette yesterday evening. We went to Brazen Head’s Pub, that was the interview I had. Mindi & Lynette are roommates.

Well I know that my Saturday was GREAT, how was yours?


We don’t understand

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

You remember that time, my parent’s (older people) didn’t understand you?

Today is Friday 09/21/V3.3 & it is the most glorious FNP this month.

Please call your mom & dad, inform them you don’t understand. Apparently Lamarr is chill. Something the kids are saying nowadays. I don’t know what chill is, unless it is about 10 degrees outside, or I just took something out of the fridge or freezer. We are getting so much wiser every day.

I don’t have to work a full shift tomorrow. I have to work from 07.00 to 10.00, but that’s just nothing. Cause by time I’m done, most people still won’t be up. Plus it is overtime, so they will be paying me what I’m almost worth.

I almost didn’t make it yesterday, but I got some caffeine & some pizza in me.

I also haven’t eaten breakfast yet this morning, so if this post seems kinda grouchy, that is why.

The word of the day is strepitous which is boisterous; noisy. I know a little bit about being strepitous.

So right now I’m doing laundry right now. Don’t you hate it when the door doesn’t close, that add’s I don’t XV mins to the time I need to be here. UGH!

Okay, I’m over that.

I’ve seen a petition at a local establishment talking about the potential smoking ban. Vernon @ Tobacco and Phones 4 less – foursquare. I’ve signed it & I hope you’ll sign it. Also don’t forget to write your City Council Member, petitions are fine. YOU need to do more though, because 500 signatures are just 500 people who happened to be somewhere at some moment in the past. To make your voice heard, make sure your elected officials know who the heck you are.

PUT a name to that 1 constituent. YES I’m active & everyone who represents me know who the heck I am. You can  almost be like me, but not too much. We don’t want to get into too much trouble, OR do we?

I found out this morning you know when I got up during the 04.00 hour, while you were still sleeping. Did you miss that some man walked into Denny’s after he got shot, no of course you didn’t. I was there for the live coverage from the van to twitter to the scene. I wish I wouldn’t have saw it live, I do hope Justice is Served in this case.

I went off on a tangent there.

Crescent Moon is having an eating contest this weekend. They are doing a Bravarian Pretzel & Sausage eating contest. BOTH are happening at 19.00 so I don’t think I can do both. BUT you know I am the 2010, 2011, & 2012 Santa Lucia Festival Cannoli Eating Champion. I am also the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium Watermelon Eating Champion (1 of 2) so I will be there to add to my collection. Well I’ll be competing, I don’t want to make it seem like I’m already the winner, but I am 4 – 0 in these things. You gotta go with the proven records.

I also need to clean, you know vacuum my car & stuff.

I don’t have much right now, so that’s the end of this entry

My Evening Report

Good Evening & YES that is ME.

If you happened to be reading the Washington Post, & I haven’t. But thanks to Brandon for his reading, he found yours truly. Vernon J, incase your forgot what blog you came to visit.

Bob Kerrey’s Senate bid is an uphill climb – The Washington Post NOW with all due respect & I mean with ALL due respect, I could give my longest chest hair about the article. I didn’t read it. But they did happen to have a GREAT picture of me.

I had a LONG day, not a bad day. A couple of things happened after the dog & texting incident that made it better. BUT this sure would have helped me feel better.

I do know that I am tired right now though.

So I’m going to try to get to bed this week.

Vernon J (published face in the Washington Post & your next blogger that you subscribe to?)

We would ALL know

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

I told my friend Sandy that I wasn’t married or in a romantic relationship.

Today is Tuesday 07/03/V3.2 & it is Classic Hits kinda music day.

I guess when that happens it won’t be the best kept secret. I know at least one person who is going to spread it North, than west, then south, then east, then circumnavigate the world with the info.

You can put your mind at ease, cause this is what Vernon J is wearing today.

I’m wearing two shirts, pants (after a IV day hiatus), socks, shoes, tie.

The word of the day is surfeit which is excess; an excessive amount.

Well in about 1.40 hours I’ll be shooting a commercial.

So that’s if for now cause I have to:

  • Shower
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Get TV Ready
  • Shave
  • Drive there

Not in that particular order though.

Feel Something

Good Afternoon & Happy Tuesday!

We are on day II of IV. This is my last day of regular schedule. I’m listening to Trace Adkins – Feel Something.

Today is Tuesday 06/05/V3.2 & we are JUST II days away from the 34th Annual Celebration of ME!

I have my regular work schedule today – Thursday, but it is what I’m doing Wed Night – Thursday morning that will effect my schedule. I have to be at CenturyLink Center at 05.30 on Thursday Morning.

So quick rundown. Work ends at 23.00 on Wednesday, about a 19 min drive home, alarm set for 04.30. So by my count that is 4.5 to just under 5 hours of sleep for me. I will then be on TeeVee at 09.00 for Morning Blend Omaha. I can squeeze in a nap between the show & work (approx 4 hours of time). On Friday I have the a similar start time. No TeeVee though, No First Data work, but Volunteer shiftS are 05.30 to 10.00 & 13.45 to 18.00.

I then head on over to Lewis & Clark Landing to defend my Cannoli Eating Championship.

That means tomorrow I go & get a haircut & iron for Thursday. I don’t have to prep for Friday cause I have a uniform for Thursday/Friday volunteer shifts.

The word of the day is apopletic which is intense enough to cause a stroke.

So now we continue our Tuesday.

2 for the show

Good Night & Happy Meeting You.

I meet Katie & Maggie today. We follow each other on twitter & have for several months.  It was nice meeting Katie, & yes I expressed my lack of postcard to Maggie.  I used my angry face, you know the one where I look angry. BUT right under the surface I’m smiling & you’re smiling with me. Cause I don’t have an angry bone in my body.

Today is Sunday 02/19/V3.2 & it was a talking delicious day.

I gave a speech at a Congressional Campaign Announcement today. This is where I meet Katie & Maggie.  I also got to hang out with 3 & a possible Gemini. The one is a possible because the child is still in the mom’s belly.

The word of the day is spruce which is to make neat or dapper. I’m not dapper right now, I have on sweatpants & a T-Shirt. I still look good though.

My dinner was a success & it was quite yummy.

I’m watching Ghostbusters II right now. A good movie from 1989, which also came out during the Gemini Season.  YOU see the trend here?

I say Sunday was a success, I hope you can report the same.

If you respond it’ll be waiting in my e-mail when I awake. Don’t worry, it is perfectly fine to text or e-mail me anytime of day. Just restrict your calls from 07.00 to 21.00 daily. IF we had a previous agreement to hangout, it is fine to call me after 21.00.

I’m looking forward to this week.