Tax Cuts

Tax Cuts are great, but there has to be an appropriate budget to go with it.

That plan comes with a $1 billion impact, the governor said, and “they have to talk about how they plan to pay for that.

Thanks for being a leader Governor Pete Ricketts.

Vote NO on Medicaid Expansion

As of this evening LB 472 has been bracket until June 5, 2015.

Bracket means delay consideration of the bill –

That means the bill can be considered on/after June 5th. It is now dead for all intents & purpose.

Vote NO on Medicaid Expansion


Vernon J
4970 S. 86th Pkwy.
Omaha, NE 68127


Senator Merv Riepe
District 12
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509

Re: Medicaid Redesign Act – LB 472

I am writing you to continue your opposition to LB472.

I am glad you voted Nay during the committee vote. Thank YOU. I urge you to vote nay on any additional action for this bill in this session. Also vote nay on any additional efforts to expand medicaid in Nebraska.

Yes the Federal Government has agreed to pay a portion of it, but there is no firm commitment that the Federal Government will change policy or procedures during changing of the Executive Branch or Congressional makeup.

The reasons to not expand medicaid are numerous.

As I am a limited tax, limited increase government spending.

Medicaid shouldn’t be expanded due to increased costs that the Government will have. There is no equal offset in benefit to the economy. Information actually says that it will make sectors of our economy worse.

Thank YOU for reading & voting nay.

Not good

President Obama plans to call for billions in tax increases on top earners – including a hike in investment tax rates — in order to fund new tax credits and other measures the White House claims will help the middle class.

I won’t see my taxes increase. I won’t see my taxes decrease.

I’m not a fan of increasing taxes. I’m also not a fan of giving out selective tax credits.

Calling for a resignation

Recently this has come up for a member of the Nebraska State Board of Education.

I’m glad to see you step forward & put the person who he sent that email too. I’ve meet Ben & Pat. Ben in a professional capacity & of course Pat in the political arena.

I’ve never questioned or wondered what Pat’s agenda was.

Since Ben has left ‘legal tv station’ I have been disappointed & astonished by his actions.

I would never call for an elected official to resign unless it was conduct against the oath they have taken. I will advocate for people to vote against the individual though.

I do find that word offensive & won’t say or write it.

Charter schools

On Monday, board members discussed a draft resolution forwarded by the board’s legislative subcommittee that voiced support for the concept of “opportunity schools” — basically, charter schools operating under strict guidelines, including the oversight of a local school board.

I saw LuAnn post this story on Twitter this morning.

This is a watered down version of a true charter school.

If a Senator takes this bill I well write Merv to oppose it.

This Morning

Back from vacation.

Good Morning Readers.

I’m ready to get up at 0408, go until 2030 – 2230. Of course this all depends if I’m working that night.

Today is the 5th of November in my 36th year.

Last night was election night & if I asked you to do one thing it was vote. I would like to have you.


It wasn’t a secret how I’d be voting. Well America, Nebraska you can through. Our party won. NOW we have a job to do.

Well said Stacey. It’s time to show America & the world that our words & values can be turned into action, legislation, & a better America.

To all my friends, associates, & colleagues(of a sort) that worked and/or volunteered on a campaign. Good work, glad to see your hard work accomplished.

So today I’ve just got First Data Work. I’ll do nine or ten hours. Then I’m heading home, I’ve got no plans beyond that. So if you want to do something, give me a ring.

My Thursday schedule has changed. My Dunkin’ Schedule, which you can always see. Let’s just save that to your phone or computer laptop. That 2-got shift is new as of yesterday.

I voted against 425, because liked I explained to an associate of Vernon J. A wage is a PRIVATE contract between an employee & employer. I’m making more than the minimum wage will be in 2015. Not cause they government said so, it’s cause I’m a hard worker & being employee. I’m bring rewarded for that.

So what’s happening this weekend?

How has your week been

Quotes from the World for November 4th

11 reasons to vote today.

  1. You can earn a special “I Voted” badge badge on Foursquare.
  2. If you don’t exercise the right to vote, you’ll be a hypocrite when you complain about politics (this includes healthcare and financial aid).
  3. You vote for your favorite TV show, non-profit org, & sports team all the time.
  4. Whether you’re from the The Rent is too D@#^ High Party or the Tea Party you live in a country where every voice can be heard. Exercise your right.
  5. Politicians decide our financial future – how much government support we’ll get for college tuition, how many jobs will be available, and who will pay more taxes.
  6. Only 30% of voters will go to the polls today. If you go, that will make you cooler than 2/3 of the population. Not that you weren’t cool already…
  7. We need more sane people on the news. Reporters might be interviewing people at the polls, and right now, no matter your political party, it seems like the news only shows the most extreme protesters and activists. This is your chance to represent the sane.
  8. Your grandparents will vote, and they’ll cast their ballots based on social security and Medicare. Are you gonna let Grandma out-do you?
  9. When guys turn 18, they have to register for the draft. If you’re expected to defend your country, you should have a say about how it is run.
  10. You need to beat out the single-issue voters. Seriously, some people only vote based on who supports one issue, kind of like how tween girls dominate the votes for the American Idol who they think is the cutest (i.e. Kris Allen).
  11. There are worse ways to spend 10 minutes.

Auto Biography

Someone asked a question.

Good Morning & Happy Weekend!

‘What would your Autobiography be’

Today is the 30th Day of October in my 36th Year.

I have come to the conclusion that the Title would be Challenges: Given. Accepted. Overcame.

As a child I was given challenges that I overcame.

As a grownup I have accepted challenges that I have overcame.

A pretty simple day today for this member of Team Vernon J.

After I post this I’m going to be eating breakfast, like a boss.

The word of the day is baleful which is full of menacing or malign influences.

I’m going to drop off my dry cleaning, but I won’t need those until Wednesday. So no big rush to do those before today.

I’m going to Walgreen’s & Target about noon.

Heading to the Rockbrook Cafe between xx – yy, to do some campaigning.

What are you doing today?

What’s that?

Is it just me?

Do people refer to the University of Nebraska as NU in normal conversations?

Or is it just a certain collection of modified tree fibers that do it?

Vernon J – University of Nebraska Omaha Class of 2010

So my vacation officially started Friday, I just worked Friday & Monday. I have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday & Tuesday free of work. Although I plan on campaigning.

The word of the day is odontoid which os of or resembling a tooth; toothlike.

I got my nap in, cause I’m a barrier like that.

Going to a campaign event tonight.

Yup a pretty good day.

Vote for Gwenn

So this flyer was mailed recently about my friend Gwenn & Legislature Candidate.

I have talked to people VERY close to the family business that her family operates.

They operate a home rental business and do file cases. It is a normal course of business for a property manager to sometimes sue tenants for various reasons.

This flyer does not say how they came up with 527 people & the Nebraska Justice case Search is a subscription based service.

The website that they are using to base one of the claims is new to the scene. It was registered on May 8th, 2014. The whois database doesn’t provide accurate & pertinent contact information.

Citizens for a Better Tomorrow have opposed other candidates/elected officials that I know and support.

Yes it is election time, but the voters Of #LD8 need to know that Gwenn Aspen for Legislature is a great choice for them.

I’m happy to have walked with Gwenn on numerous occasions.

On November 4th residents of Nebraska Legislature District 8 should vote for Gwenn Aspen.


Visit for more information.