Another Month

Goodbye September Hello October.

A joy filled start to my day, it’s on the button off my pants leg.

Today is the 1st Day of October in my 36th year.

Another relaxing night in Omaha.

UNO Hockey starts this month. Monday is the first game. Team Vernon J week be there. Getting excited for the return to the Ice.

The Word of the day is demesne which is possession of land as one’s own.

The Equalizer was a great movie. Although pretty far fetched. No man can take down the eastern Russia Mafia, the enforcers team, the head of the snake & his security team. With that being said.

All that could’ve been avoided for a mere 9,800 in ca$h. But no someone had to get all uppity.

A good romantic comedy If I do say so myself*. It had everything, a love story, intrigue, corrupt cops & other people. Barbed Wire, nail guns, spy cameras, helicopters, even some honey.

After working 8.58 hours, went to the g-store, came home cooked & made some bacon, ate dinner, relaxed in the couch. Talked to Jeanie, who is out of state this week. She sent me a postcard.

Tonight is laundry night & everything what I did yesterday. I’ll work more hours, smile more, have Ice Cream.

What do you got hung on today, Monday?

*this is my blog

Was there

A good day, afternoon, night, morning.

Good Evening & Happy Sunday.

I’m hair with how things went this weekend & Sunday.

Today is Sunday 09/06/V3.5. How was your measurement of time?

I worked Thursday.
I worked Friday & went to Oktoberfest at Gerda’s.
I worked once Saturday & went out on the towne.

I dropped my sharpie, it is new broken



The word of the day is palabra which is a word.

Yup. Even on the 12,874th day people make me go what?

Respect is a two way street. I don’t see how typos & saying ‘there’s a no excuse rule’ in my works is disrespecting our not showing respect. I didn’t ask & won’t. Just know that I’m confused.

How was your 4 days?


So did you get a surprise yesterday ?

Good Morning & Boomtastic.

I got one yesterday. Actually had the day off. I was suppose to with a of Thursday. But they scheduled an extra person & I let them know. They forgot to tell me they curved me off the schedule.
Today is Thursday the 5th day of September in my 36th year.

We are only 1 hour & 22 mins in & it had been a Boomtastic day.

A good night’s sleep, good & fun conversation, a good breakfast.

The word of the day is pericope which is a selection or extract from a book.

So yesterday on Twitter I asked, how many servings is corn on the cob?

Some Delicious Right There
In particular that puce right there.

After dinner I went to the store & bought a white shirt. I can’t remember the lady time I bought a white button down shirt. I’m usually doing the patterns, but I need white for Friday.

Also I have a 16 inch neck & 38 length arms. I’m sure they are both the same length. I’m totally normal :-).

I also got two new ties —->

This is the double pink & gray one. You’ll see the new one next week. Well totally world population – 4 people who have seen the toe in my hand.

everything was totally normal at the dentist yesterday.

I’m heading into work now, then later to work, then home.

What did you do yesterday?

Dreams Come True

Watching your dreams come true?

Happy last 34 to 40+.

What made you have those dreams? Why didn’t you make them happen earlier?

Good Morning & Happy Friday.  Today is the 8th day of August in my 36th year.

Last night was nice. Had some Salmon, Onion Rings, Salad, & this

Seemed Strong

As you know I don’t normally drink beer, this was a special occasion. I wore socks yesterday.

Okay I totally just made that up. I wear socks everyday.

The word of the day is Klatsch which is a casual gathering of people, especially for refreshments and informal conversation.

I had eggs, oatmeal,  my smoothie, & peppered bacon (which I made lady night) for breakfast. I left about one half hour later than normal die to sugar breakfast. It was totally worth it.

I want working just VI hours today anyways. We’ve been authorized overtime for this week. I’m going to try to get caught up on my case load. I make no promises.

What do you think of this shirt?


I bought a few this morning. I won’t reveal to more than myself, the other person who knows about this one, & the packers of said order; if this was in that package.

I still hate shopping. I guess that’s why I but online before 0515.

Well we’ve got work tonight at 1600.

Enjoy your #FNP!

Weekend Dinner

So this is about to happen. If you have a PA phone number & you called Tina Stogdill you are invited to dinner. I TOLD her it was rude not to answer the phone. Such a Shame. P.S. I hate when people do that. Also if you read this you can come over for dinner.

I’m switching out the thighs for breasts, cause ‪#‎VernonJ‬ likes the breast the best. ‪#‎DoingThis‬

Chicken and artichokes in white wine mushroom sauce

Just might be my dinner this weekend.


Some readers will say Good Morning.

Happy Monday.

I will say Good Morning to All.

Today is the 28th Day of July in my 36th year. Just one day until it’s tomorrow.

I had a good weekend & Sunday. I’m pretty happy with what we accomplished. Even though I think my week’s are planned out shortly after getting my work schedule, you never can tell.

You get a text from a friend & your Saturday night gets crazy.


Went for a Bike Ride Sunday. I guess three, cause I stopped for a extended period of time after two. I talked to Melissa, we discussed stuff. The discussion was good.

You know how great it is to do things to accomplish a goal that is defined? To say I’m doing this to do this. This is different than my other personal goals cause it involves another person.

Some of the costumed workers insist Bishop’s actions are his own. His actions are his own, ALL the costumed workers should say.

The word of the day is favonian which is pertaining to the west wind.

How much freedom? 

How was your weekend?

What are you looking forward to this week?

On this day

On this day, I dance for all the right reasons.

Good Morning & Happy Friday.

I started dancing in the living room, no I didn’t sing in the shower.

Today is Friday 04/04/V3.4 & it is a fantastic day. See ——->
image But Team Vernon J had great plans for the world. We’re nit taking over, but we went be strong aside.

The word of the day is omphaloskepis which is contemplation of one’s navel as part of a mystical exercise.

I had a great time with my dinner last night. Went from this
image to this
image wound up like this.

All. Gone.
. Thanks Hope for the suggestion.

Well it was 2 – degrees this morning. See how much I care?

Well we nite take you to sports with Vernon J.

The track & ladies of the tennis team are on the road today. The University of Nebraska Omaha Men’s Tennis team plays at 1800 today. Visit Home if the best University sports team. GO MAVERICKS! for more info.

Thé Omaha Stormchasers had to cancel last nights season debut, on the count of rain. That means Saturday’s game is a doubleheader. Two games for the price of one. Now remember when there are DH’s games are just 7 innings. Stir Up the Storm.


I haven’t told you what we are doing today, have I?

We are going to Gretna Fish Fry & a super secret place. I can’t out my calendar link in here, cause I’m on my tablet.

But Mom’s have a good day.

Getting Dressed

Socks – Check

Undershirt – Check

See look at me, looking at you.
See look at me, looking at you.

Fancy Knitted Sweater – Check I felt like wearing a fancy sweater today.

Pants – Check

Belt – Check

Shoes – Check

Nametag – Check

Ready to go – Not yet, gotta eat breakfast, put together some lunch & dinner.

There were 3

I brought 3 mittens today.image

Good Morning & Happy FNP!

I needed to stop by the bank this morning, so I had a little something extra to do. Although I left my name tag at home.

Today is Friday 02/28/V3.4 & it is the last day of the month, the first Fish Fry, & UNO Hockey Day!!! GO MAVS!!

Yesterday’s Spaghetti linguine & Meatballs was good. I thought I had the S, but I had the L. You didn’t hear any complaints (& there were non) from me. I LOVE my cook.

So have you heard of The International Association of Vernon J is Funny of Omaha? They decide if Vernon J’s are funny or not. They said I was funny, take that Danielle. 😛

Has this been an exciting week or what?

The word of the day is aubade which is a song greeting the dawn.

Well sunrise isn’t until 0700 49 mins away. I don’t know what aubade I’ll be listening to at that time. BUT right now Miley Cyrus is Wrecking that Ball.

I can say I’m riding all night long.

Have a Fantastic Day & Remember that the grass, dirt, and gravel all meet near the blacktop.