Good Day

I took 2 #naps today, made dinner, and probably made someone #smile. A pretty GREAT day, if I do say so myself. & #IDid

Life & Times

​Oh joyous times. Before 0700 you unset your alarm for everything before 0608.

Less than 12 hours later, you set one for 0408. You also had to unbuy that movie ticket you bought after leaving work. 
Cause you forgot you scheduled yourself to work a double. 
But tomorrow is Wednesday, the day after is Thursday. Date Night. 

If I don’t check my schedule😎,  I can have unlimited date time, now to get a date. 

Baked Apples

Quite a bit of work to make these.

I dropped my pretzel


I dropped my Rold Gold Pretzel & it broke.

Good Morning & Happy Thursday!

I was making my lunch, which is made before breakfast. Those are the ground rules.

Today is the 26th day of February in my 36th year. In 1919 & 1929 2 National Parks were established. Do you know which ones they were? The answer will be revealed on twitter at some point today.

Yesterday was a good day, went to work. Got to come home & make a nice dinner & dessert.

So I’m watching Action 3 News This Morning, as that is the ONLY news worth watching. You could also go with #LiveOnFOX42, I still think that is the best hashtag ever, cause they are only live from 2100 to 2200. I haven’t watched them in years.

BUT the reason I bring it up is that the family members are saying that the police are making up the whole ‘he robbed a store thing’. FOR crying outloud, why would the police do that. On incognito) . I am lead to believe that the guy did commit the crime. He was shot because he didn’t follow the lawful orders of the officer.

Here’s hoping justice will prevail for all involved.

More information Here’s KMTV’s story

Also here’s a picture of him ‘not robbing’ the store –

Have a terrific day, I’ll see you on the other side of our doors.


A great weekend for Team Vernon J

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

Looking forward to a great week ahead.

Today is the 23rd day of February in my 36th year.

It started on Thursday. I worked, saw a movie, laughed.

Friday was almost like Thursday, except I went to a Fishfry. You can see pictures here –

Saturday I worked & went out to Brewsky’s.

This week is already bringing unexpected benefits. Have a dinner thing this evening.

My semi-annual dentist appt is today.

I’ve also made timing changes with my schedule. I’m thinking I’ll do four 8.5 days & one 6 hour day. Stay tuned you see how it goes.

Here’s an Apple that will be consumed soon.


Good things

Let this be the week of grace & happiness.

Great Morning All.

Starting the Day with a smile


Today is the Ninth Day of February in my 36th year.

We are four months away from my Birthday.

I have a busy week ahead. Although it won’t be any busier than last week.

Work Today,
Meeting Tuesday,
Work Wednesday,
No plans Thursday or Friday. Would be a perfect day to celebrate Valentines Day.
I have a fundraiser Friday. Night
Alumni Night & Hockey Saturday.

What do you have going on?

Happy Monday.

Yes, Man.

So I’m watching #YesMan on TBS Very Funny.

Diana calls me & asks me if I can come back to work. It wasn’t on my todo list tonight. But I said yes. Not cause I’m a Yes Man, but I’m a trustworthy one.

Yes I cancelled dinner with Melissa. I called & let her know.

I did bake some Snickerdoodle Cookies.


Going to enjoy these with some Ice Cream.

The word of the day is cicerone which is a person who conducts sightseers; guide.

I got some good mojjo going on here. Went to work today & left a little but early.

Went to Hyvee & got some cinnamon. Fish, cheese, sour cream & baggette. Tonight’s dinner.

I was napping by 1100 until I wasn’t.

I also sent a funny text. ‘Circle of trust’ Cox may get the signal, but I’m still blocked.

Have a good evening.

Five Months

We are five months away from the 37th Annual Celebration of Vernon J.

God’s Morning & God’s Way.

Looking forward to this year’s celebration. Making new friend’s? Bringing smiles for sure.

Today is the 9th day of January in Vernon J’s 36th year.

Had a good, interesting, & I’m tired kickoff to the weekend. I got an extra three hours of work yesterday. Worked a total of 13.25 instead of the 10 I anticipated. Get paid by the hour.

The word of the day is interosculate which is to form a connecting link.

Team Vernon J has made a change of plans for the party tonight. We will not be going to see Selma tonight. As of the current time. Stay tuned to The Official Blog of Vernon J for any changes.

We are going to Rojá tonight. For happy hour. Meet us at 512……….

Have a great day.


Your Rules

The first of many.

Top of the morning, bottom of the year to you.

I’m willing to say I LOVE YOU. :-* See I said it.

It is the 365th Day of 2014. We say goodbye to this year.

So I came across this story – I posted it on Twitter without commentary. But not here.

This guy is a genius. Maybe you should stop routing your customers to middle locations. I did a search for Boston to Miami. There was a stop in Newark or New Jersey. Why, United? If I can find a cheaper & more convenient fight. I’ll take it.

I’m no judge out lawyer. But from what I see this guy had just set up a search engine that find the most direct route. I hope this guy gets a good lawyer and keeps up the fight. Maybe your RULES, contacts, & business relationships are broken. Get better. You shouldn’t be suing this guy. He isn’t selling your product. He is providing information to your potential customers.

Well the WVJN news team had cracked the case. Team Vernon J will be at Crescent Moon tonight. Well you join us?

I had a good day yesterday:

  • I worked
  • I picked up dry cleaning
  • I dropped off dry cleaning. It’s hard to leave the pants you’re wearing.
  • I went to Xenon Academy to attempt a hair cut. They didn’t have any slots available. So I’m going back Friday.
  • I talked(texted) to you* You is not N or J
  • I went to bed.
  • Ate some dinner & stuff.


How was your day?

Good Day

A good day was had by Vernon J.

It ain’t over yet though.

I’m headed to the UNO Volleyball game that I told y’all about earlier.

I got off work a bit before half after two.

Me & the roommate went to the Omaha Steaks store. We also went to Bag ‘N Save. I got myself a couple of these


They(well one) was delicious. 5 mins on medium each side on the stove top. Oven preheated to 350. 15 on one side 10 on another. Juicy & perfectly tender.

I got all the dishes washed :-).

Tomorrow I work at 0445, stop in for a dark roast with a coffee cake muffin. We’ll get you running before the snow comes.

Church tomorrow night.

What do you have planned this weekend?