What a weekend

That was great.

Good Morning Beautiful.

Our was an amazing weekend. Nap all the days. Sports, friends, challenges & adventures.

Today is the 2nd of February in my 36th Year.

Thursday I worked both jobs & napped

Friday I worked one job, napped, was a dragon, went to Crescent Moon, went to UNO Hockey to see the #5 team win in overtime over the #1 team.

I also discovered fraud on my checking account, so that actually didn’t effect me too much.

Saturday I worked at Dunkin’, napped, ate dinner, watch about 1/2 of the Saturday game.

Thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible. Look for photos later today.

How was your weekend?

Yes, Man.

So I’m watching #YesMan on TBS Very Funny.

Diana calls me & asks me if I can come back to work. It wasn’t on my todo list tonight. But I said yes. Not cause I’m a Yes Man, but I’m a trustworthy one.

Yes I cancelled dinner with Melissa. I called & let her know.

I did bake some Snickerdoodle Cookies.


Going to enjoy these with some Ice Cream.

The word of the day is cicerone which is a person who conducts sightseers; guide.

I got some good mojjo going on here. Went to work today & left a little but early.

Went to Hyvee & got some cinnamon. Fish, cheese, sour cream & baggette. Tonight’s dinner.

I was napping by 1100 until I wasn’t.

I also sent a funny text. ‘Circle of trust’ Cox may get the signal, but I’m still blocked.

Have a good evening.

Your Rules

The first of many.

Top of the morning, bottom of the year to you.

I’m willing to say I LOVE YOU. :-* See I said it.

It is the 365th Day of 2014. We say goodbye to this year.

So I came across this story – http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/united-orbitz-sue-computer-whiz-started-cheap-airfare/story?id=27903538. I posted it on Twitter without commentary. But not here.

This guy is a genius. Maybe you should stop routing your customers to middle locations. I did a search for Boston to Miami. There was a stop in Newark or New Jersey. Why, United? If I can find a cheaper & more convenient fight. I’ll take it.

I’m no judge out lawyer. But from what I see this guy had just set up a search engine that find the most direct route. I hope this guy gets a good lawyer and keeps up the fight. Maybe your RULES, contacts, & business relationships are broken. Get better. You shouldn’t be suing this guy. He isn’t selling your product. He is providing information to your potential customers.

Well the WVJN news team had cracked the case. Team Vernon J will be at Crescent Moon tonight. Well you join us?

I had a good day yesterday:

  • I worked
  • I picked up dry cleaning
  • I dropped off dry cleaning. It’s hard to leave the pants you’re wearing.
  • I went to Xenon Academy to attempt a hair cut. They didn’t have any slots available. So I’m going back Friday.
  • I talked(texted) to you* You is not N or J
  • I went to bed.
  • Ate some dinner & stuff.


How was your day?

… in December

Raining in December on Monday’s.

Good Afternoon Readers.

I am okay with rain on Monday’s, it is this December part that worries me.

Today is the 22nd day of December in my 36th year. Just 9 calendar days left in the year of 2014.

I had a good day at work. They installed GoTo Meeting. I’ve worked their since Monday, March 12th in my 33rd year. I’ve never attended a conference/interactive call from my computer.  Waste of resources in my opinion.

Now according to this


But that’s what I really had to say about it.

The word of the day is rubricate which is to mark or color with red.

I’m heading to work, be there until 20:30. I’ve also agreed to be a/the baker’s helper. I’ll just have to go in a little early on Sunday mornings. If you are doing math, thanks.

How’s your Sunday morning?

Draw me like one of your French Girls

Start of a new week according to ISO standards.

Good Morning Beautiful People.

Today is the 8th Day of December in Vernon J’s 36th year.

I had a good night sleep.

I remembered my belt today.

Draw me like one of your French Girls

This is in addition to my belt I have on now. My pants fit, I just don’t like the feel of not wearing a belt.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Nichole it’s over on twitter getting all http://ow.ly/i/7RigN Go have a good laugh. If you want to know the while background click here, as it wasn’t archived by me I make no promises you’ll get the whole picture.

But yesterday Sean Hannity has the victims of Ferguson on, I guess it was Friday or Saturday. I watched yesterday. Well Nichole posted with #BlackLivesMatter. Cause apparently … (I can’t explain/justify that hashtag, so I won’t try). All the victims on the show were business owners that had their business burned in Ferguson. Some in August, some in November, some in both. All were minority business owners. It was a good show & I asked Nichole if she was watching. Seems pretty innocent, but then I remembered that she hated learning & reasoning. Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are.

I also leaned that the MO Governor & Lieutenant Governor aren’t running mates.

The word of the day is pavlovian which is of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Pavlov or his work, especially of experiments with animals.

Heading into work with a smile on my face.

Have a FanTastic day.

This is a no title – Title

Back in Action.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday.

I’m not sure what action & why I left it.

Today is the 10th day of September in the 36th year of Vernon J.

It has been an interesting week & we aren’t half way though it yet.

Monday was the 1st day of free coffee week at Dunkin’ Donuts. I closed & wet still got out before 1000. Thanks to all my teammates who made it happen. Service with a smile.

I’ll be back there on Thursday from 1600 to 2100. Friday from 0500 – 0900.

The word of the day is calvous which is lacking all or most of the hair on the head.

So how about that rain storm that moved through the metro area last night? Covered waterways I mean streets. Stalled cars, canopies falling over

Visit link for more details et al.

The laundry day will be today. I’m planning to wash, dry, & iron. Take care of things like a bossy mossy tossy.

Last night I was elected President of the Omaha Young Republicans. Looking forward to working with everyone to grow our organization.

Here’s to a fun day.

Ain’t no way

I just got my schedule. I get of work Sunday (24th) at two. We can do it starting at 3 to 3:30. $20 an hour.

You literally can do better.

Happy Day 96th St.

We are counting on you to do A so we can do B, and you didn’t do A so …

Today is Thursday the 21st day of August in my 36th year.

I got up an hour later than I normally would. Heading into work 1 half hour later than normal.

The word of the day is fibbertigibbet which is Archaic. A gossip.

I’ve got the short shift(s) today. Check out I Just Call You Mine by Martina McBride http://ow.ly/3oEeXF

I’m looking forward ti the rest of the weekend. Same short shifts Friday. Saturday I work 0500 to noon. Just set alarm.  Saturday I may help with a deconstruction project. Also it’s Bristol, BABY!™

Now Sunday(which isn’t part of the weekend. Deal With It.) I’ll have to work, no I don’t know what time. I might Soso go horse back riding. Awaiting confirmation if this Sunday works.

Do you wanna?

I think that’s it for this post.

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The greatest

I have one of the best job/lives.

GrEaT Morning & Happy beginning of the work week.

Being me is great.

Today is Wednesday the 20th day of August in my 36th year.

Not that it is a secret but being me is a pretty good deal. Good friends, Good life. I’m okay with this.

Had a great time at Pint Night last night. The glass is washed & out in the glasses area of the house. There was laughs & pictures. Visit me for us. I’ll have those pictures up after I post this, which means by time you read this we’ll have updated.

The word of the day is singultus which is a hiccup.

I’m almost current to date at work. I think I can do it. Speaking of work, I had a great shift there too. Congressman Lee Terry stopped by to talk to us how the government is effecting our business. He said hello to me in front of everyone.

Great speech & great questions from our teammates.

What was your Tuesday like?

Are you happy with the life you’re choosing to live?

Dreams Come True

Watching your dreams come true?

Happy last 34 to 40+.

What made you have those dreams? Why didn’t you make them happen earlier?

Good Morning & Happy Friday.  Today is the 8th day of August in my 36th year.

Last night was nice. Had some Salmon, Onion Rings, Salad, & this

Seemed Strong

As you know I don’t normally drink beer, this was a special occasion. I wore socks yesterday.

Okay I totally just made that up. I wear socks everyday.

The word of the day is Klatsch which is a casual gathering of people, especially for refreshments and informal conversation.

I had eggs, oatmeal,  my smoothie, & peppered bacon (which I made lady night) for breakfast. I left about one half hour later than normal die to sugar breakfast. It was totally worth it.

I want working just VI hours today anyways. We’ve been authorized overtime for this week. I’m going to try to get caught up on my case load. I make no promises.

What do you think of this shirt?


I bought a few this morning. I won’t reveal to more than myself, the other person who knows about this one, & the packers of said order; if this was in that package.

I still hate shopping. I guess that’s why I but online before 0515.

Well we’ve got work tonight at 1600.

Enjoy your #FNP!

Let me explain

Let me explain this story.

Good Morning & Happy Hump Day.

Is pretty straight forward. Glad you understand.

Today is the 6th day of August in my 36th year.

So I get home & or mailman left us a note.
image Seems like a legitimate request/demand. I thought he was getting a little uppity.

The I saw this –

Them I laughed out loud. My name is Vernon J, the other occupants name is Tina. Don’t no Our live with us.

We played good Bocce yesterday. We list a tough one 11-16. We had a good time though. Glad I watch The Morning Blend on KMTV & heard about Big O Bocce. Possibly see you next year. If I’m in Omaha I’ll be there. Here’s the link

The word of the day is taradiddle which is a small lie. I’m also going to make that the hashtag of the day.

Other than that it was a perfectly normal night there were no unexpected curve balls thrown or caught by me.

Someone please ask, I dare you.

Well today is my short day.

There’s suppose to be rain tomorrow, so the Taco Ride might not happen. This member of Team Vernon J hopes it does.

Is anyone going to the Nebraska State Fair on Friday 08/22/V3.5. Chris Young is playing. As of right now 08/06/V3.5 in the 5th hour & 53rd minute we will be leaving at 1200 from Omaha. I would like to stay the night, but I know how the price of hotel’s change due to events like this. Let me know. Y’all know how to reach me.

Thanks to Rick for his support in providing examples of what Lee Terry had accomplished. Dan, Dave, & Cheryl were trying to accomplish something. Thanks for not falling for that trap.

Have a GREAT unexpected day.