Day 13,426

A Good Day with friends, associates, & time.

Thanks to Jim for picking up my Omaha product.

Thanks to Nicole & Jim, for good time & laughs at my favorite Bar Crescent Moon.

I’m thankful to see friends & associates like Chris, Chuck, Rod, & Lenora.

I also got to see London has Fallen, a good movie. No matter what anyone says or puts on the internet.


What a weekend

That was great.

Good Morning Beautiful.

Our was an amazing weekend. Nap all the days. Sports, friends, challenges & adventures.

Today is the 2nd of February in my 36th Year.

Thursday I worked both jobs & napped

Friday I worked one job, napped, was a dragon, went to Crescent Moon, went to UNO Hockey to see the #5 team win in overtime over the #1 team.

I also discovered fraud on my checking account, so that actually didn’t effect me too much.

Saturday I worked at Dunkin’, napped, ate dinner, watch about 1/2 of the Saturday game.

Thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible. Look for photos later today.

How was your weekend?

NYE Bash

What’s going on for the 2014 #NYE bash?


Let’s ring in 2015 with pride.

Taking ALL suggestions as of today.

Don’t worry I have my Valentine’s Day plans in the holster.


An amazing weekend for Team Vernon J

Goode Evening & Happy Monday Eve 🙂

Meet new people, laughed, smiled with old friends & buddies.

Today is Sunday the 28th Day of September.

So I won my 3rd consecutive Huber Haus Oktoberfest Pretzel Eating Competition.

How was your day?

The word of the day is hypogeum which is an underground burial chamber.

We celebrate.

The greatest

I have one of the best job/lives.

GrEaT Morning & Happy beginning of the work week.

Being me is great.

Today is Wednesday the 20th day of August in my 36th year.

Not that it is a secret but being me is a pretty good deal. Good friends, Good life. I’m okay with this.

Had a great time at Pint Night last night. The glass is washed & out in the glasses area of the house. There was laughs & pictures. Visit me for us. I’ll have those pictures up after I post this, which means by time you read this we’ll have updated.

The word of the day is singultus which is a hiccup.

I’m almost current to date at work. I think I can do it. Speaking of work, I had a great shift there too. Congressman Lee Terry stopped by to talk to us how the government is effecting our business. He said hello to me in front of everyone.

Great speech & great questions from our teammates.

What was your Tuesday like?

Are you happy with the life you’re choosing to live?

What did you do?

Oh, you’ve broken the website.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday.

I can’t fix this site, I don’t know what you did.

Today is Wednesday 04/30/V3.4 & I’m having a good time.

I’m listening to Jessie J’s album that had price tag on it.

The word of the day is axiomatic which is self-evident; obvious.

I had a good time yesterday. Work was work. The post work was the post work.

  • Read at the bar – check
  • Eat bacon at the bar – check
  • Discuss & agree to do skydiving at the bar – check (more details on this later in the year)
  • Laugh with friends & other people who might be friends but not really sure cause it stated as a professional relationship – check
  • Discuss the future – check
  • Have all that happen before eight – check check

Today in spending some more time in Midtown post work. Helping out Brian.

It is colder but less rainy then yesterday. I do not like it.

Project .J. is going well. Of course you don’t know what that is, cause I just gave it the name today.

Let’s just say “thinking” of, had a positive response.

Here’s a picture of my umbrella.

1 Time

All it takes is one truly bad thing to happen to me & I’m changing my pattern.

Goode Morning & Happy Tuesday.

Getting shot is one of those things, I wouldn’t go back to that club.

Today is Tuesday 04/29/V3.4 & it is the first day of bocce ball.
I’m holding on to that small 10% that it went be canceled. It is like a 90% chance rain all day. The weather says 70% prediction at this moment.

The word of the day is obliquity which is divergence from moral conduct, rectitude.

Even though there is a 90% chance it will be canceled, pint night is still happening. I’m leaving work at 1600 or 1630. I want to work some extra hours today, due to stuff later in the week.

More on that laterthis week

The first day of the week/work week was fantastic. Nothing spectacular or devastating happened at work. Good things did happen on the ‘not at work’ part. Ask me offline what those are about.

I’ve added at least one thing to my schedule this week. I’ll be making calls Wednesday night for Brian. Also look fir me on that later this week.

You know have two reasons to come back & read.

That’s it for now.

I leave you with SOS by Rihanna.


Today will be a simple day,

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

The only thing I have to do besides work is a visit to the doctor.

Today is Wednesday 04/23/V3.4 & it is Carolyn’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Carolyn.

A lack of sunshine this morning.

The word of the day is scherzo which is a movement or passage of light or playful character, especially as the second or third movement of a sonata or a symphony.

I think I have added to my agenda. I don’t want to spoil it.

Here’s a picture of me.

In six days bocce ball will be happening. I forget what color my team is. Is it really my team?

I had a good time last night at TDPN. It is back. See you Crescent Moon Alehouse Tuesdays.

Have a great day.