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Back in Action.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday.

I’m not sure what action & why I left it.

Today is the 10th day of September in the 36th year of Vernon J.

It has been an interesting week & we aren’t half way though it yet.

Monday was the 1st day of free coffee week at Dunkin’ Donuts. I closed & wet still got out before 1000. Thanks to all my teammates who made it happen. Service with a smile.

I’ll be back there on Thursday from 1600 to 2100. Friday from 0500 – 0900.

The word of the day is calvous which is lacking all or most of the hair on the head.

So how about that rain storm that moved through the metro area last night? Covered waterways I mean streets. Stalled cars, canopies falling over

Visit link for more details et al.

The laundry day will be today. I’m planning to wash, dry, & iron. Take care of things like a bossy mossy tossy.

Last night I was elected President of the Omaha Young Republicans. Looking forward to working with everyone to grow our organization.

Here’s to a fun day.

Man Buys Every Pie at Local Burger King to Spite Shitty Little Brat

stand there and pull out a pie and slowly start eating eat as I stare back at her. She starts running towards me but can’t get to me because of other lineups in the food court. I turn and slowly walk away.

I of course can no why endorse this behavior. Ha ha.

Outside the Box

So I was talking to a friend today. Okay I was facebook messaging her. We got to talking about MY relationship with Melissa.

2 bikes ATthis hour.

She said

The name & picture have been redacted to protect the innocent.

Today is Tuesday the 29th day of July in the 36th year of Vernon J.

The word of the day is gibbosity which is a protuberance or swelling.

I’ll leave you with this fir now

There was 2 bikes in the bus this morning. I was the third one. I beat the bus from 108th & Q to Bergan Mercy Transit Center.

I’m a BEAST.

Do. This.

So after leaving with last night the 1st sing that played was Loving you is Fun.

Good Morning & Happy Laundry Day.

A. Cause it is Fun.
B. I made it home in one song.
C. Angela it is hotter this morning.

Today is Thursday the 26th Day of June in the 36th year of Vernon J.

Working at the 108th store is easier. There was just two of is last night, no I don’t know if that is normal. But I can tell you being home by 2130 had it advantages.

A. I don’t have to go to work later the next day.
B. More Windows
C. Closer to Hyatt where I have friends or associates who work there.

The word of the day is blithesome which is lighthearted; merry; cheerful

We’re doing pretty much the same routine. Just fewer hours at First Data.

I’m listening to Thong Song (Explicit Version) cause apparently there is a non-Explicit Version. In what world?

That’s it for now.

Have a great day.

Enjoy this.

What did you do?

Oh, you’ve broken the website.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday.

I can’t fix this site, I don’t know what you did.

Today is Wednesday 04/30/V3.4 & I’m having a good time.

I’m listening to Jessie J’s album that had price tag on it.

The word of the day is axiomatic which is self-evident; obvious.

I had a good time yesterday. Work was work. The post work was the post work.

  • Read at the bar – check
  • Eat bacon at the bar – check
  • Discuss & agree to do skydiving at the bar – check (more details on this later in the year)
  • Laugh with friends & other people who might be friends but not really sure cause it stated as a professional relationship – check
  • Discuss the future – check
  • Have all that happen before eight – check check

Today in spending some more time in Midtown post work. Helping out Brian.

It is colder but less rainy then yesterday. I do not like it.

Project .J. is going well. Of course you don’t know what that is, cause I just gave it the name today.

Let’s just say “thinking” of, had a positive response.

Here’s a picture of my umbrella.

Let me see you shake it

Things got weird, but they got better.

Good Morning & Happy Sunday,

I am satisfied with last night.

Today is Sunday 04/20/V3.4 & it shall be a great day.

I’m sitting on the balcony.


Are breakfast out here.

We had a fantastic time at the game. Pictures are now live to come later. After we got home, we went to Crescent Moon & then Jerry’s Bar. That’s were the evening became amazing.

The word of the day is leveret which is a young hare. That leveret should be in some stew right about now as it is easter.

I hope you are having a good day.

Yours Truly,
Vernon J

Tough Decision

Do I drive into work?

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

I don’t have to work tonight at this moment, but I might. Tina (roommate) usually picks me up from work, but she is o.o.t. & left the car. If I do have to go to work, I’ll have to come home & get the car, but I don’t want to drive into work by myself.

Today is Wednesday 04/16/V3.4.

The week has been Grand so far.
Tomorrow is guaranteed to be interesting. I don’t know how today will go.

Yesterday the fundraiser was fantastic. Great to hear Gwenn’s vision for the Nebraska Unicameral & residents of Nebraska. If you live in District 8, I’m asking you to vote for Gwenn.

The word of the day is picayune which is of little value or account; small; trifling

The weekend is coming.

I didn’t get any soundtrack suggestions, what’s up with that?

Have a day.

I have 2 Questions

I have two SERIOUS questions for you today.

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday.

Why do the sale TP in single role & 4 pack?

Why would someone break open a package of shower curtain rings at the store?

Today is Tuesday 01/07/V3.4 & it is comparison shopping day.

The answers as Vernon J sees fit to the above questions are under the cut.

So since I have moved the desktop is now in the bedroom & my charger is jacked up on this laptop. I have to use pieces of furniture to brace it to charge. That really doesn’t work when the battery is low & I want to use it at the same time. So the debate is between a windows tablet & an android tablet.

  • I want one for under $300
  • It needs to be able to connect to my home network
  • It needs be able to access my Windows Media Center recordings.

The word of the day is lea which is a tract of open ground, especially grassland; meadow.

Tomorrow is my long day, I go back to work at the Community Center. Glad I like 95% of the #VernonJ you know & love.

I do not like it when people screw up. Don’t worry Jason this will be fixed today. It is easy to fix don’t worry.

Well the plans for the day have already changed, even though they weren’t set in stone. See how flexible I am.

Yesterday was a good day outside of work. Lots of people calling into work because it is cold. Did you forget where you live, Omaha doesn’t guarantee things.

Cold weather & the best decks in the world are two of those things. :-).

Hope you have a good day.

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The Love

The Love we have for each other can be strong,

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday, today is October 16, 2013 & it is a grande day.

We are halfway though the week and we are halfway though the month. NOW that is another reason to celebrate.

Did you know Valentines Day is in February?
Vernon J’s Birthday is in June?
Sweetest Day is in October.
see the correlation?

I’m just making note of it for you.

The word of the day is pinion which is a gear with a small number of teeth.

That’s it for now.

I’m thinking Breakfast

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

I’m thinking Breakfast at Village Inn.

Today is Friday 04/26/V3.3 & we are standing int he middle of thunder & lighting.

I do eat breakfast every morning, I’ve ate breakfast at Village Inn. But this is Breakfast at/from Village Inn with you.

Het YOU, yeah listen to that song that is the Song of the Week. It is a good song.

Apparently in this crazy world we leave in. Defined Contribution Retirement Plans don’t work. For a ‘list of reasons’, I’m waiting for an e-mail of reasons.

NOW I’m not a financial represenantive, retirement planning specialist. But QUICK name a company that has a D.C.R.P. that has went bankrupt or missed a payment.

I’ll wait.

QUICK name a compan6 that has a D.B.P. that has went bankrupt or missed a payment.

I’ll wait.

You’ve done the naming. *******

We will post the e-mail when it is received from an organization that has inspired this section.

YUP, an official voice of the organzation said that.

The word of the day is gopher which is to mine unsystematically.

How was everyone’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday. We would like to know & share your stories.

Could you imagine if this blog didn’t update for two to three years? What would life be like?

Don’t worry, that will not be happening. Vernon J & the team are on it.

Well make it a FaNtAsTiC day!