Your everything

Good Morning & Happy Friday.

Today I embarked on my greatest challenge. ¬†Eating the published serving size for breakfast. There are pictures to prove it, not¬†that I’d lie to you.

Today's Breakfast, just a serving size.


As previously annouced the FNP is here, I’m proud to be presenting you another one.

The word of the day is footle, which means to act or talk in a foolish or silly way. Hello everyday with Vernon J, btw that rhymes.

Have a GREAT FNP, enjoy the weekend.

Today is catch up day at the office.

Long Phone Call

My longest conversation was a 3 way tie last month.  With my friend Diane McMillian, a toll free call, & Matt Hansen(work)  I want say how long the calls were, but this month it could be you.

The challenge is on!

10.605 billion

I just saved us(United States) 10.605 Billion. How much can you do?  I challenge you to do better.  HEHE.

I only cut
Exploring the Solar System with Human and Robotic Spacecraft – All of this garbarge

Operating, Assembling, and Servicing the International Space Station – I didn’t cute the new commercial service. NOT this year anyways.
Expanding Frontiers of Knowledge in Aeronautics and Earth and Space Science – I saved the aeronautics technologies.

All I have is about 400 billion to go to balance the budget.

I cut all the space exploration programs from NASA, we(maybe just me) don’t care what’s out there.