Do me a Solid

*social favor*

As you are all generally spreading in the socialeconomic class as me.

Over the next month, I want you to do me solid. It won’t cost you any money, maybe 3 to 5 minutes.


When you go to make a purchase I want you to thank the staff member who is servicing you. If they have a name tag on. Say Thank YOU, Billy.

If the company has a survey for you to complete it.

That’s it.

See how you feel.


As I am training people for a QSR this is personal to me. I know it is their job to work at said establishment. Maybe you’ve never had a QSR job, maybe you have.

Like, Share, or Comment if you’re willing to take this challenge.

If you feel like sharing your experience (in public or private) comment on our send me a message or email.

Also on a ‘completely unrelated note’ you should visit a Dunkin’ Donuts south of I-80 or in Lincoln & buy something.

Have a great day.

Also I’m still looking for a ‪#‎wedding‬ date for Saturday May 2nd at 1800 and Saturday May 23rd at 1700. YES the wedding is for 4 people. They weren’t brave enough to have two weddings in one month. ALTHOUGH now that I think about it. That sounds like a solid idea.


A great weekend for Team Vernon J

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

Looking forward to a great week ahead.

Today is the 23rd day of February in my 36th year.

It started on Thursday. I worked, saw a movie, laughed.

Friday was almost like Thursday, except I went to a Fishfry. You can see pictures here –

Saturday I worked & went out to Brewsky’s.

This week is already bringing unexpected benefits. Have a dinner thing this evening.

My semi-annual dentist appt is today.

I’ve also made timing changes with my schedule. I’m thinking I’ll do four 8.5 days & one 6 hour day. Stay tuned you see how it goes.

Here’s an Apple that will be consumed soon.


Starting off right

This week is starting off right.

Happy Tuesday & many gracious thanks.

I didn’t have you go in to work yesterday. I got laundry washed, dried, folded and/or ironed, put away.

Today is the 13th day of January in my 36th year.

I was happy with that text from Angie. I was must concerned about what day laundry world get done.

I have an Omaha Young Republicans meeting today. I encourage everyone to come & hear from the candidate’s for the Douglas County Republican Party Chairman candidates.

We’re going to make it an exciting election cycle. Victory on #110816. That’s the next National General Election. We’re going to help elect Republicans for Douglas County, State of Nebraska, Three Republican Representatives for Congress, & a Republican President.

Well I hope you make it a good day.


Yes, Man.

So I’m watching #YesMan on TBS Very Funny.

Diana calls me & asks me if I can come back to work. It wasn’t on my todo list tonight. But I said yes. Not cause I’m a Yes Man, but I’m a trustworthy one.

Yes I cancelled dinner with Melissa. I called & let her know.

I did bake some Snickerdoodle Cookies.


Going to enjoy these with some Ice Cream.

The word of the day is cicerone which is a person who conducts sightseers; guide.

I got some good mojjo going on here. Went to work today & left a little but early.

Went to Hyvee & got some cinnamon. Fish, cheese, sour cream & baggette. Tonight’s dinner.

I was napping by 1100 until I wasn’t.

I also sent a funny text. ‘Circle of trust’ Cox may get the signal, but I’m still blocked.

Have a good evening.

My adventure

Where you going?

Good Morning Beautiful b 🙂

Can I go with you?

Today is the 5th day of December in my 36th year.

I saw the following picture on

Yes some adventures include a rental car

Denver – April
Kansas City – May
Chicago – July
Anywhere with you – 2 to 3 days a week?

We’re back to our normal work week. 10-10-8-6-6. No going to do inventory ( this week). I can’t confirm any further than that.

I pray for people who are making choices that affect their employment status. Hopefully they are able to find a better path to be a better person. I’m also praying for Annika as she returns to work from her injury.

So Nebraska Furniture Mart is having a 50% off couches sale. I looked at this one – I’ll be heading over there to check it out & ask that fancy stuff. If I buy this, it’ll be my first new couch EVER. I wanted to go with something new that’ll last ‘us’ awhile.

The word of the day is rallentando which is slackening; becoming slower (used as a musical direction).

Here’s to a good day for Team Vernon J & all the other teams.

Was there

A good day, afternoon, night, morning.

Good Evening & Happy Sunday.

I’m hair with how things went this weekend & Sunday.

Today is Sunday 09/06/V3.5. How was your measurement of time?

I worked Thursday.
I worked Friday & went to Oktoberfest at Gerda’s.
I worked once Saturday & went out on the towne.

I dropped my sharpie, it is new broken



The word of the day is palabra which is a word.

Yup. Even on the 12,874th day people make me go what?

Respect is a two way street. I don’t see how typos & saying ‘there’s a no excuse rule’ in my works is disrespecting our not showing respect. I didn’t ask & won’t. Just know that I’m confused.

How was your 4 days?

Oktoberfest 2015

#OcktoberFest 2015 with Team #VernonJ. Prepare thyself for greatness. We’ve got these #RaiseTheBar The following is the #Omaha schedule, no details on a #Lincoln, #Kearney, or #DesMoines visitations yet.

Gerta’s 5180 Leavenworth Street Omaha, NE 68106 2nd week in September, which is September 12th, but Jim says it is September 6th. So it will be FRIDAY 09/06/V3.5 or 09/12/V3.5

German-American Society Saturday 09/20/V3.4 3717 S 120th St, Omaha, NE 68144

Oktoberfest 2014 on Beer Corner USA Saturday 09/27/V3.4 3578 Farnam Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68131.

Ain’t no way

I just got my schedule. I get of work Sunday (24th) at two. We can do it starting at 3 to 3:30. $20 an hour.

You literally can do better.

Happy Day 96th St.

We are counting on you to do A so we can do B, and you didn’t do A so …

Today is Thursday the 21st day of August in my 36th year.

I got up an hour later than I normally would. Heading into work 1 half hour later than normal.

The word of the day is fibbertigibbet which is Archaic. A gossip.

I’ve got the short shift(s) today. Check out I Just Call You Mine by Martina McBride

I’m looking forward ti the rest of the weekend. Same short shifts Friday. Saturday I work 0500 to noon. Just set alarm.  Saturday I may help with a deconstruction project. Also it’s Bristol, BABY!™

Now Sunday(which isn’t part of the weekend. Deal With It.) I’ll have to work, no I don’t know what time. I might Soso go horse back riding. Awaiting confirmation if this Sunday works.

Do you wanna?

I think that’s it for this post.

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Let me explain

Let me explain this story.

Good Morning & Happy Hump Day.

Is pretty straight forward. Glad you understand.

Today is the 6th day of August in my 36th year.

So I get home & or mailman left us a note.
image Seems like a legitimate request/demand. I thought he was getting a little uppity.

The I saw this –

Them I laughed out loud. My name is Vernon J, the other occupants name is Tina. Don’t no Our live with us.

We played good Bocce yesterday. We list a tough one 11-16. We had a good time though. Glad I watch The Morning Blend on KMTV & heard about Big O Bocce. Possibly see you next year. If I’m in Omaha I’ll be there. Here’s the link

The word of the day is taradiddle which is a small lie. I’m also going to make that the hashtag of the day.

Other than that it was a perfectly normal night there were no unexpected curve balls thrown or caught by me.

Someone please ask, I dare you.

Well today is my short day.

There’s suppose to be rain tomorrow, so the Taco Ride might not happen. This member of Team Vernon J hopes it does.

Is anyone going to the Nebraska State Fair on Friday 08/22/V3.5. Chris Young is playing. As of right now 08/06/V3.5 in the 5th hour & 53rd minute we will be leaving at 1200 from Omaha. I would like to stay the night, but I know how the price of hotel’s change due to events like this. Let me know. Y’all know how to reach me.

Thanks to Rick for his support in providing examples of what Lee Terry had accomplished. Dan, Dave, & Cheryl were trying to accomplish something. Thanks for not falling for that trap.

Have a GREAT unexpected day.