Stone Cold by Robert B. Parker

Investigating a thrill-seeking pair of serial killers who are targeting the residents of an affluent suburban town, police chief Jesse Stone finds his job complicated by local politicians, the media, his drinking problem, and his ex-wife.

All I really have to say is don’t piss off the Chief of Police of Paradise Massachusets.

Map of Bones by James Rollins.

When several people are burned to death during the theft of a religious artifact, Gray Pierce, a new member of the U.S. SIGMA force, pursues a clandestine fraternity of alchemists who would use the artifact to establish a new world order.

I think I finshed this book either Monday or Tuesday, I don’t know which.  It was a good book, I think I started reading it before HP7, but of corsed finished it after said book.  It is in a Series called Sigma Force noves.  Really good, I have started book no. 2.

Death in Paradise By Robert B. Parker

It is both a blessing and a curse to be typecast. You work to establish an identity and, if you’re part of the lucky one percent that catches the public eye, you work like crazy to establish an identity that people look for, seek out, want. That’s the blessing part. The “curse” part comes when you want to try something new. Your hard-core fans will seek out whatever you do, but more often than not, your new, or different, work passes under the radar of public perception

Another good Jesse Stone book.  I finished this one before Harryu Potter 7 I forgot to put it up though.

Harry Potter 7

I finisahed it early Saturday Morning.  Harry did die, but then he didn’t  It was a good book.  I know he didn’t wind up with Cho in the end.

Trouble in Paradise by Robert B. Parker

Robert B. Parker and his legendary Spenser series have long been considered the ne plus ultra of detective fiction. But the critics’ praise for Jesse Stone’s debut in Night Passage proved there was room for an addition to the Parker literary canon. “A novel as fresh as it is boldParker’s sentences flow with as much wit, grace, and assurance as ever, and Stone is a complex and consistently interesting new protagonist. His speedy return will be welcome” (Newsday). Stiles Island is a wealthy and exclusive enclave separated by a bridge from the Massachusetts coast town of Paradise. James Macklin sees Stiles Island as the ultimate investment opportunity: all he needs to do is invade the island, blow up the bridge, and loot the island. To realize his investment, Macklin, along with his devoted girlfriend, Faye, assembles a crew of fellow ex-cons –all experts in their fields–including Wilson Cromartie, a fearsome Apache. James Macklin is a bad man–a very bad man. And Wilson Cromartie, known as Crow, is even worse. As Macklin plans his crime, Paradise Police Chief Jesse Stone has his hands full. He faces romantic entanglements in triplicate: his ex-wife, Jenn, is in the Paradise jail for assault; he’s begun a new relationship with a Stiles Island realtor named Marcy Campbell; and he’s still sorting out his feelings for attorney Abby Taylor. When Macklin’s attack on Stiles Island is set in motion, both Marcy and Abby are put in jeopardy. As the casualties mount, it’s up to Jesse to keep both women from harm. Filled with “light, shade, texture, and complexity” (The Boston Globe), Trouble in Paradise is the work of a master.

A very good book,!!

Robert B. Parker’s Night Passage

After a busted marriage kicks his drinking problem into overdrive and the LAPD unceremoniously dumps him, the thirty-five-year-old Stone’s future looks bleak. So he’s shocked when a small Massachusetts town called Paradise recruits him as police chief. He can’t help wondering if this job is a genuine chance to start over, the kind of offer he can’t refuse.

This is the first of the Jesse Stone sieries.  Tom Selek played him on tv for at least two of the books, although I didn’t watch that movie.

Aerie by Mercedes Lackey

The Fourth and final book of The Dragon Jousters.  ML is a really good writer, and I like alot of her books.  She has written over 50 books. 

Kiron has secretly gathered an army of dragon riders to seek refuge in the abandoned desert city they have named Sanctuary, where they join with other dragon riders to rid their world of both war and magical domination. But now it is time to build a new society in Aerie: an ancient city that seems to have been designed for dragon riders and their dragons.

Book completed

Brainiac : Adventures in the Curious, Competitive, Compulsive World of Trivia Buffs by Ken Jennings. 

Step inside the curious, competitive, compulsive world of trivia buffs with the greatest champion in Jeopardy! history as your guide. Ken Jennings lasted 75 rounds – how far could you get?!?

This was a pretty good book.  I really like it, of course I am a member of the Ken Jennings Fan Club!!

Books Read

I am going to start keeping track of the books I have finished reading. I WILL NOT go back in tiem, because that probably would be 100+ books. But today looks like a great place to start.

Cold Moon by Jeffrey Deaver.