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Entering adulthood during the recession, many millennials are too debt-laden and underemployed to afford a car. They see mass transit, biking and walking as not only cheaper but also good for their health and the environment.”
This isn’t to say that all emerging young professionals will eschew their cars. This is to say, however, that in order for this region to be competitive in attracting and retaining talent, we have to provide safe, effective and efficient multi-modal transportation amenities.

We’ve got a choice.

If we ever

Oh what a day.

Well it is morning.

I’m ready for this day.

Today is the 19th day of the 11th month in my 36th day.

Tuesday was a good day. Work was done, laughs were had. Laundry was done. Information was shared.

Wednesday offs off to a good start.

We are experiencing a heat wave in Omaha. It is above zero for the first time this week(at this hour).

The word of the day is chiarosuro which is the distribution of light and shade in a picture.

I’ve also got a doctor’s appointment today. When I was riding last Tuesday (11th) my arms were tingling. Yesterday I had the same thing while sitting at my desk.

As you are aware I have low b12. Previously me & Antonio talked about setting a Multiple Sclerosis, but my extensive tests came back negative. So we’ll revisit that issue today.

How was your day? What are you doing today?

Some Changes

Assume changes to this week’s schedule.

Happy Morning Folks.

Laundry day we’ll be moved to today. Going out tomorrow night to celebrate with Dennis & Marcy.

Today is Wednesday the 24th Day of September in my 36th year.

Yesterday was a great day. Had to eat lunch inside & that was the low point.

Work was good. Got home & had some nice dinner. Then went to a meeting.

Got a bike ride in.

Get OUT & vote folks. Every election is important, but for the conservatives in Nebraska need to get out. Vote for Pete, Ben, Lee, Doug, & Don. Also vote for your down ballot folks. 100% completion folks.

The word of the day is chansonette which is a little song; ditty.

I like chansonette’s

What are you doing today?


Do I take my bike to work?

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday.

Well I decided that I have enough time between work & meeting. There is no need to take my bike.

Today is the 12th day of August in my 36th year. Today is the start of Melissa’s 35th year. Happy Birthday Melissa.

Can some explain this to me?

My comments under the cut.

So I had a good night. Talked & laughed with roommate. Made some desserts. There was no crying.

Got an email sent out, updated a blog.

The word of the day is brusque which is abrupt in manner, blunt; rough.

Tonight I have a meeting.

What do you have going on?

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Bicycle & Walking Coordinator

This is a letter I @Jean_Stothert sent to organizations supporting Omaha’s Bike-Pedestrian Coordinator position and the feedback the we are taking a step backwards:

Our commitment to safe transportation for everyone has never been limited to just one person and it won’t be now.

Since it was created four years ago, the bike-pedestrian coordinator’s salary has been paid primarily with private funding. As that money runs out, and the donors are not renewing their financial support, the position will be eliminated, but our commitment to safe, accessible multi-modal transportation will in fact, be expanded.

my take As a non-car owner. I’m clearly for the multi-modal transportation. As a taxpayer, I’m for government reducing costs, unnecessary services, eliminating duplicated services. I’m glad that Carlos was here to facilitate change. But the ALAC is a better use of time, money, & other resources. A position will be eliminated, but will there be a vacuum in that area, no. I know Julie & she will do a great job being chair of this committee.

I also ride from/to 108th & Q to midtown/downtown. We are lacking east/west trails, but that is something we as riders know about.

We Don’t Coast in Omaha. There are too many hills.

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Can’t be happening

I had an eventful night.

Good Morning & Happy rainy, foggy, GrEaT day.

It was still a great day though. The smile never left. People know what happened, I can handle it all.

Today is Thursday the 7th day of August in my 36th year.

I was suppose to do the Taco Ride today. With the rain from yesterday & today, it’s a game time decision. It honestly isn’t looking that good. I’ll just enjoy my evening a different way.

How will you enjoy yours?

The word of the day is camelopard which is a giraffe.

Looking forward to this weekend. No I don’t have any plans, yes that’s fine with me.

Have a good day.

Outside the Box

So I was talking to a friend today. Okay I was facebook messaging her. We got to talking about MY relationship with Melissa.

2 bikes ATthis hour.

She said

The name & picture have been redacted to protect the innocent.

Today is Tuesday the 29th day of July in the 36th year of Vernon J.

The word of the day is gibbosity which is a protuberance or swelling.

I’ll leave you with this fir now

There was 2 bikes in the bus this morning. I was the third one. I beat the bus from 108th & Q to Bergan Mercy Transit Center.

I’m a BEAST.