That’s not correct

The Government sure knows how’s not to spend a $1, or $10,000,000 responsible.

Last week, the board approved $10 million for the Omaha Community Foundation, which will distribute grants to individual arts, cultural and entertainment organizations. It also approved $10 million for nonprofit social service organizations.

Omaha expects $30M for police, fire costs as state updates rules on COVID relief money | Politics & Government |


Dear ole college football fans.

Look at this as an opportunity to reconnect with your friends and family.

My summer – 12/31/2020 plans were cancelled and/or postponed due to C19.

But I did get to sell Ice Cream this spring/summer. I got to try crepes.

It still is a good year!

City council approves Omaha police’s purchase request for night vision equipment

“When teachers have to beg for help on Amazon and Facebook for help to make their classrooms student-ready, a responsible leader doesn’t build a budget like this,” speaker Ashley Underwood said.”

Ashley the City of Omaha doesn’t operate schools. That’s OPS!