Age Discrimination

Me & my friend were age discriminated against yesterday.

It is RUDE to ask if the person (who isn’t paying) wants #IceCream because of an effort to make service right.

I don’t speak for the entire party, #VernonJ likes ice cream. #WorstKeptSecretEver

Thursday @ 5 p.m.

Today is Wednesday, Day 3/4 of the week.
The day after today is Thursday. The 1st day of the weekend.
The day after today @ 5 p.m., someone you know is going to see Oppenheimer!!!

Do you know someone that knows someone that may want to go see it?

Cruise with me?

Virgin Voyages is full steam ahead with hypnotic sailings from vibrant Miami to some incredible spots in the Caribbean — all on board our epic playground of a ship. Into it? # SmashThatLink # HolyShip

I’m going on a cruise June 9th – 14th.

Leaving for Miami on the 7th.

The good news is that the trip is FULLY paid for, the other person can’t make it.

So if you are interested in cruising let me know.

You’ll have to pay for your flight and any excursions your want to do.

58.2% less

I’m not a entrepreneur, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

If you built something less than 4 years ago for $15,000,000 & a currently selling for $8,730,000 I have a couple questions.

A. Did you not get great financing, general contractor.

B. Were sales that great in 3 years that you have already made your investment back.

C. Is business that bad you are willing to take a 58.2% loss?

The Views

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What is posted here

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Changing of the Guard

Today is a end of an era & a brand new adventure for Vernon J.

It started on January 11, 2016.

The UNL Dunkin’ opened it’s door to the UNL/Lincoln Community. I was there.

Today March 10th is my last day as Restaurant Manager for that location and the second one we opened up on October 4, 2021 on east campus.

On Monday I start as District Manager assigned to the Omaha area.

Made wonderful friends and served lots of people. I was on the phone with a CSR rep from Levi in 2021. His roommate loves Dunkin’ and had graduated from UNL. So we did our job and Kept him Running on Dunkin’ all the way in California.

Thanks to Bryce and his vision, the continued journey with QSR Services that started in May 2014.

See you in the near future.

America Runs on Dunkin’

Nebraska Runs on Dunkin’

Vernon J Runs on Dunkin’

#restaurant #community #people #future #dunkin

Moving in Papillion, NE

I scheduled Tuff Tiger Moving though Moving Help’s integrated portal on Saturday 2023.02.11 for moving on Saturday 2023.02.25.

A gentleman contacted me initially on Wednesday 2023.02.22 to confirm details. Schedule for 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Called said gentleman at 10:20, because they were late. They eventually cancelled at about 10:35 – 10:37 the day of moving.

Had to move an entire apartment without any help from paid movers.

Do not reserve Tuff Tiger though Moving Help’s portal, or do business with them AT ALL.

Vernon J
Papillion, NE