Cruise with me?

Virgin Voyages is full steam ahead with hypnotic sailings from vibrant Miami to some incredible spots in the Caribbean — all on board our epic playground of a ship. Into it? # SmashThatLink # HolyShip

I’m going on a cruise June 9th – 14th.

Leaving for Miami on the 7th.

The good news is that the trip is FULLY paid for, the other person can’t make it.

So if you are interested in cruising let me know.

You’ll have to pay for your flight and any excursions your want to do.

58.2% less

I’m not a entrepreneur, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

If you built something less than 4 years ago for $15,000,000 & a currently selling for $8,730,000 I have a couple questions.

A. Did you not get great financing, general contractor.

B. Were sales that great in 3 years that you have already made your investment back.

C. Is business that bad you are willing to take a 58.2% loss?

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