Changing of the Guard

Today is a end of an era & a brand new adventure for Vernon J.

It started on January 11, 2016.

The UNL Dunkin’ opened it’s door to the UNL/Lincoln Community. I was there.

Today March 10th is my last day as Restaurant Manager for that location and the second one we opened up on October 4, 2021 on east campus.

On Monday I start as District Manager assigned to the Omaha area.

Made wonderful friends and served lots of people. I was on the phone with a CSR rep from Levi in 2021. His roommate loves Dunkin’ and had graduated from UNL. So we did our job and Kept him Running on Dunkin’ all the way in California.

Thanks to Bryce and his vision, the continued journey with QSR Services that started in May 2014.

See you in the near future.

America Runs on Dunkin’

Nebraska Runs on Dunkin’

Vernon J Runs on Dunkin’

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