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The heavy hand of mandatory wage floor removes the opportunity for managers and owners to reward their high performing team members.It also put the tenured employees who are making the increased minimum wage currently & the floor rises to their wage for new employees.

The market rate for all parts of Nebraska isn’t the same. North Platte is paying up to $16 to start. Omaha/Lincoln isn’t starting at that rate.

The increased to inflation has shown negative effects when the CPI is high. Like the last 4 – 5 quarters.

Passing 432 is a no brainer.

I don’t know any over 18 without a valid ID. Are they working, are they receiving monthly tax reimbursements from the state?

Did they move and fail to update their address within 30 days? I’m violation of state law?

no time

At this point in time he is a know quantity.It’s up to the individual to take that’s into account.Then you have people like Mike Thomas(if that is his name) posting on Twitter & you wonder why they would say what they said.But you don’t actually wonder, cause you ain’t got time for that.