13 Time Santa Lucia Festival Champion

Another table of friends, families (two brothers), Italians, & colleagues fall to the undefeated champion.

If you weren’t here I won TWICE in MMXXII

On Friday 2022.07.22 History was made AGAIN!! The One & Only Vernon J went down to 10th & William in Omaha, Nebraska.

I had the pleasure of competing twice on that day. Once in the Adult Division (3 cannoli’s), then competed against the Celebrity Division winner as well.

The 98th Annual Santa Lucia Festival had kicked off the day before. The Festival is happening today, and tomorrow. Grab some friends and head on down there. Photos via the Santa Lucia Festival Committee’s social media page – here!

2022 – Done

2021 – Done

2020 – *Done

2019 – Done

2018 – Done

2017 – Done

2016 – Done

2015 – Done

2014 – Done

2013 – Done

2012 – Done

2011 – Done

2010 – Done

Can we solve SSA solvency?

There might be a way.

At some point in time.

No changes in benefits for people 18+.

Over the next 4 generations reduce benefits

-0 to -10 years from point in time 75% benefit, no tax reduction,

-10.00273972602 to -20 50% benefit 25% tax reduction,

-20.00273972602 to -30 25% benefit 50% tax reduction,

-30.00273972602 to -40 0% benefit 75% tax reduction.

I haven’t done the math, but it might work out? YES I have thought about it.

Do as I say

Do as I say, not as I claim to want people to do.

https://www.instagram.com/p/CfekB8JJXEX/ The Distinguished Senator from District 8 hypocrisy is on display on the first day of the month.

  1. We trust doctors to use their best judgment to provide the standard of care for their patients.
  2. We are concerned because the Nebraska Medical Association has not committed to blocking an abortion ban. Dr. David Watts is a dermatologist in Omaha, and the board president of the NMA. Contact Dr. Watts and encourage him to oppose any ban on healthcare in NE.

She is asking the board to determine what’s best for members of their organization. Thanks Senator for putting this on a public forum for all to see.