Steve … It’s ….

Dear Steve,

It’s okay if I pick on you?

I don’t mean to continue to say that it is you who is underperforming in everyday tasks. But somebody has to do it.
So until everyone is achieving 100% success, we will continue to blame you.

What I mean.

I’m sure it’s because this is a piece of crap pdf & not a form (like it should be). 
I’m unable to find any program that is online to edit this piece of crap pdf.

What I said

I’m sure it’s because this is an unfillable pdf & not a form (like it should be). 
I’m unable to find any program that is online to edit the unfillible pdf.

See I’m using professional language.

That’s not good

A. If you are going to request information from someone, make sure it is in a proper format to be completed.

B. Use a html form that can be completed from a website from any device with any operating system.

B1. IF you decide to use a PDF, make sure you save as a fillable PDF. C. Thanks.


Dear Senator,

Sen. Eliot Bostar of Lincoln said Nebraska will not achieve real property tax relief until the state addresses school funding issues. The state ranks 49th nationally for the share of K-12 funding that comes from the state.

That is not how it works.

The state is doing great if it is 49th out of 50th. Since the state doesn’t run any school districts, why should they be funding anything?

There are several school districts in the state of Nebraska. They should be self funded, responsible with every tax dollar collected and spent.

Happy November

10 months down, 2 months to go.

What did you accomplish this year, what do you want to accomplish this year?

Who did you make great connections with, who do you want to make good/great connections with.