Athletics vs Education

Here me out.

Imagine that the UNL Football team, isn’t good. Hasn’t been since the 1990’s or 2000’s.

Imagine it is time to accept that as a reality?

UNL Football isn’t a top tier school for football.

Now imagine that University of Nebraska (all 4/5 campus locations) provides a quality education at reasonable rates.

Vernon J UNO Class of 2010

Voter ID

I followed up with the SOS office for official language.

It doesn’t include any language about mail in ballot and photo copying an ID.

I sent an email to the AGO office to get a qualified opinion. Because I don’t think you would need to send a copy of your ID.

I’ll wait for a response.

Mask Mandate

Oh, well then that sucks.
I don’t like the mandates. But I have heard several law departments say they won’t enforce them.
Until they start hauling people down to the city/county jail. People who don’t volunteer to wear masked (whatever their reason) aren’t going to do it, cause the Government told them to.

Dating going forward ..

I did not realize that if you ‘only got a hug’ with someone you have been on at least 3 dates with. There’s nothing there.

But now that I am aware of this rule.

If we go on a 2nd date & I touch both your elbows. Then you know I like you.
Thanks. #Dating.