Follow Up

Morning. People were complaining that Jeff Executive Chairman of Amazon spent HIS money going into space. Although Amazon pays $15 or more for the entry level positions.

It upset me, I didn’t want to call 1 individual out.

Amazon, Hooker’s, & Blow

When people ignore the fact that Amazon and it’s partners employee 1,000’s of people.

What employees do with their salary is their choice.

If they choose to make their lives better or do hooker’s & blow.

That ain’t none of my (or your) business. I would prefer they didn’t do hooker’s and blow. But they ain’t asked me.


The Comma is a punctuation mark (,) indicating a pause between parts of a sentence. It is also used to separate items in a list and to mark the place of thousands in a large numeral.

Today’s Grammar Lesson is brought to you by real seeds.