2 month vacation

*European vacation c19 style update*


I’ll be assigned to the Omaha home office (starting Monday) to the office.

So my Omaha friends and family I’ll be in the area on a regular basis.

Until/if things change.

I’m up for hanging out and doing things.

How do we save social security

Do we need to reduce/change benefit amounts – Yes

Do we need to increase contributions – Yes

Do we need to continue to increase the distribution age of the receipt – Yes

I have a plan.

Eliminate the cap on how much money you earn & pay taxes on.

Increase the retirement distribution age 1.25 every year. from the birth year, as of bill signing.

Segregate persons into groups of 20 years 1 day old to 20, 20.01 to 40, 40.01 to 60, 60.01 to death

Anybody not born doesn’t contribute to SSI

2nd group contribute 10% of the standard rate for 30 years & receive no benefits.

3rd group contribute 30 to 50% of the standard rate & receive 30 to 50% of the current benefit rate

4th group & 5th group no changes.

That’s my plan.

Omaha police, Hy-vee respond to planned anti-mask event this weekend

I’m at for utilizing the taser until they evacuate their bowels.

“In the best interest of our customers and employees, we will not allow this to take place on our property. We are working closely with local law enforcement agencies to ensure we maintain a safe shopping environment for everyone.”