Great Foods

I know body maintenance is important but that d word sucks.

Eat all the food you want, just exercise the calories + 1 out over your ideal consumption.

There are no bad foods(except califlower, put that in the fire too), there are plenty of Good & GREAT FOODS!

Sounds Nice

So I saw this story on KMTV 3 News Now.

Two Democratic congresswomen on Tuesday introduced a bill that would block federal funding for the 2026 men’s World Cup until the US Women’s National Team earns “fair and equitable wages compared to the US men’s team.”

Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut

Doris Matsui of California

It sounds REAL nice, but I looked at the Financial Statements of US Soccer & I’m not seeing where they receive Federal Funding unless it is under the last two line items for Revenue.

You lost

Any constructive argument you had, you lost.

You can’t claim discrimination on a fact based discussion.

The discussion was on ‘safe storage’ of firearms.

The was a movement on the Lincoln City Council to pass unnecessary regulations about the storage of firearms in your own home.

One you lock close the doors, windows your firearms are safe.

If Billy the criminal breaks into your property and steak your guns. Billy is the problem, NOT storage of your firearms.

5 favorite Holiday’s

Good Morning,

Today is Sunday the 21st day of July in Vernon J’s 41st year.

Today is National Ice Cream Day. One of the Top 5 Holiday’s.

In no particular order:

  • My Birthday
  • Independence Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Veteran/Memorial Day
  • National Ice Cream Day

Ma’am … Mind your business

… whole thing is largely a misunderstanding

Yes. The misunderstanding is that you decided to pass observations on art.

Some people would say you weren’t minding your business.

I would be one of those people.

Her email or letter to the city

“This is anti-Christen (sic), and demonic, and completely inappropriate and offensive to place in front of the Children Zoo and Gardens where couples are married,” she wrote in an email. “Remove it please. Put it (in) a empty ditch somewhere … (Devil worship) is a Hate Crime against the church.”

The woman’s request has gone viral, and the woman, reached by phone Thursday night, said the whole thing is largely a misunderstanding.

1, 5, 10, … No one cares

That’s it.

I’m going to finally say this.

The number of pages of document is irrelevant as a unit of what has happened.

Times New Roman, my favorite font. What’s yours?

You can change the font size from 8 to 250*. If you use 250 you are going to get more pages than with 8.

There I said it.

The Justice and Commerce departments have produced more than 31,000 pages of documents to the House regarding the census issue, and senior officials from both agencies, including Ross, have


Just let me know what date(s) we are going. Thanks. #BlueManGroup #lnk #date-Night

Two pictures

Two pictures, two cities, three apartments.

I know two things about them.

Thing One

Me and my last roommate (2014) bought these pictures.

The big one has a sticker price of $49.99/100.00. I know we bought that one.

Thing Two

They were never hung up again after we went our separate ways, late 2014.

I haven’t hung either one in the Ruskin Place apartment.

3 new Songs

3 new songs.

Tip of My Tongue is my favorite.

Check out Tip of My Tongue by Kenny Chesney

#IceCream is okay, yes I listened to it because if the title.