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Can you NOT?

You remember when a Judge (just recently) said that there could be no live reporting of a trial. Do to possible Jury Tampering?
You remember less than a week later that defendant in said trial, did something stupid. Therefore causing a lot of media to report on said event.
Even though there is no need to report on said behavior.
The true victim in this case is Sydney Loofe.
Not that person.

For the children

I have the pleasure of sitting on two children’s commission dealing with the outcome of children in this state.

One thing this article didn’t mention was that after about 7 years (regardless of age when entering) the children experience a 2nd tramatic episode. The 2nd episode appears to be related to the first episode

The 2nd trama has been disruptive to the successful permanency.

I went into Foster care twice. As a toddler/before school, as a fifteen year old.

At 22 it was a bad time in my life that took a 1+ to get through.

YES Miss Julie it is great to adopt a 10 year old.

Everyone do what you can to help children be successful. Volunteer, Foster, respite, work in the field.

Thanks. Your friend.

Vernon J

For content purposes …

Can you do the ENTIRE reading audience a favor. (

When reading/presenting on a bill at the local, state, or, Federal level. Include the url to the bill, so we can also read that. I see you included two links in this article, but omitted the MOST IMPORTANT one.


Vernon J

The Bill

Trash Contract

For my #Omaha & #lnk people, here is a letter from the Omaha Mayor to the Omaha City Council.

Lincoln we are only 16,000 people away from becoming a Metropolitan Class City. Only about 6 years at a growth rate of 1% population.

We have to be aware of how our tax dollars are spent as citizens.