The Journey

If you have been with since I registered, you know that back in January 2009 we started a journey of Vernon 3.0.

YES it has been ten years & it is time for another big celebration.

Oh you remember Vernon 2.9.3xx is here Vernon 3.0 is coming.

Well it has been 3,542 days since Vernon 3.0 has arrived & you know that on the 10th day of June in the 31st year of Vernon J that we’ve had 1 goal.

We know that goal was to make sure that Vernon J was pretty darn happy.

Well I’ve moved to Lincoln from Omaha.

I’ve worked at Food Bank for the Heartland, First Data, and Dunkin’ Donuts since then.

I’ve ran for office, I’ve voted, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve bought cars.

BUT there has been failures, & the biggest one of all is that I didn’t successfully get married. There’s been dates, a girlfriend or two. loves, lost loves, and all the other things.

We’ve achieved the goal of happiness, cause I couldn’t be in a better place in my life.

Well there is a domain to celebrate the 41st Anniversary of Vernon J.

It arrives on Sunday June 9th, 2019.

We have plenty of time between now & then, but we will celebrate.