2nd update on LB 314

I’ve written to the Revenue Committee on LB314.

I’m opposed to this bill.

Please include this in the record.

This bill is too complicated to be rolled together. I would suggest a smaller bill to start with to let each tax increase and elimination of exemption stand on it’s on merit.

NOW we know property tax relief is important to people who pay it.

But what are we willing to give up to gain property tax relief?

LB 314 goes to far and I’m be not willing to give you all this to gain property tax relief.

Tax Fairness

Tax Fairness, pay their fair share?

Sen. Tony Vargas of Omaha, sponsor of the bill (LB50), said the measure is needed not only to establish more tax fairness, but also to replenish a state revenue stream that is needed to fund essential state programs and services.

When I see someone say people with higher income, need to pay their fair share.

Do they use more Government services than someone making a $1 less?

If not then why should they pay for a higher percentage of it?