What would Vernon J look like 30 pounds heavier.

Well McKenzie Fullford found out how McKenzie does story from livewell nebraska.

Vernon J will never been 30 lbs heaver, (5 sure), unless he is carry 30 lbs of heaviness.

You remember

You remember when you jumped on the bed, slid across hit you head & passed out?

Well I remember jumping on the bed.

The Blame

When you know that they know, that the problem isn’t ‘the thing’, that it is 100% the other thing that ‘the person’ is responsible for. We’ve got to stop blaming ‘the thing’, or looking to change ‘the thing’ when the person is the problem?


No I’m not on facebook & that’s quite a personal question coming from someone like you. (lady at the bar).
But you do have my phone number, I’m on twitter @Venron_J_, on instagram VIIX1979, on snapchat XL68131, You can also visit me on the web. Vernon-J.com.
Vernon J

A Bad Father

A Bad Father …

From Tom Becka. Click Here for entire article. A bad father is a person who knocks up his girlfriend and then leaves town. A bad father is a man who leaves his child in a hot car while he goes into a casino. A bad father comes home drunk and passes out on the couch instead of going to watch or coach his kids little league game.

I know this happened to a family in Nebraska & I’m not affected by this in any way (personally).

BUT when I saw OWH & others talking about how we shouldn’t condemn the family. I questioned the humanity of a person who actually blamed, trolled, etc the family.

Shame on those people.



I’m not real convinced that Chocking is okay.

http://www.inquisitr.com/3195845/texas-man-choked-mugshot/source/obj/, but according to the Harris County Sheriff’s department; it is.

I see at least two officials holding the individual, I can understand assisting someone by holding them up. BUT that would be generally at the wrist or by the back of the head. Such as the official on the right is doing.

The one on the left is clearly chocking him.