Knee Jerk Reactions

two wearing dark exfoliating masks and immediately deemed it a “disturbing, racist post.”

  1. It was a Knee Jerk Reaction
  2. To not apologize is the 2nd mistake.

This is the kind of behavior we don’t need in America.

Week in Review

This is #VernonJ’s week in Review.

I’m going to start with this:

I had a good night of sleep. Got off work at about 1500, don’t have to be to work until 1300 or 1330. Thank Goodness.

Don’t do It! No matter what the short term benefits, if there is even a hint of long term consequences.

Sunday I went to work & got to watch part of the race. I’m glad that NASCAR is back & glad it is good as it has ever been.

On Monday I went to Omaha for my dentist appointment and a meeting. All was good from the dentist.

Tuesday – Thursday was all work, 1/3 play, I’m happy with it.

Looking forward to the rest of the weekend.