MY Life

MY Life you have given me.


This is a friends & associates #shoutout!
It’s nice to have people like Jennifer & Mark in your life who will make the enjoyment of a Thursday Taco Ride GREAT!
People like Bridget who will ??? you, when you don’t (& shouldn’t public) state something, but she is kind enough to be like ‘what’s going on’.
People like Sandra who will ask you questions & you think. yes, but there is an * (on that topic).
Glad these 4 people have chose to accept me for who I am, ask/demand more of me. Still with me in the 3,916 days ago when I got my first #Nebraska license making me a citizen of this GREAT state.
I LOVE #Omaha & have been to several parts of #Nebraska in my tenure.
I’m State of Nebraska resident/citizen #4Life*.
& meeting new people like Jess.
Thanks for the good times folks.