Do me a Solid

*social favor*

As you are all generally spreading in the socialeconomic class as me.

Over the next month, I want you to do me solid. It won’t cost you any money, maybe 3 to 5 minutes.


When you go to make a purchase I want you to thank the staff member who is servicing you. If they have a name tag on. Say Thank YOU, Billy.

If the company has a survey for you to complete it.

That’s it.

See how you feel.


As I am training people for a QSR this is personal to me. I know it is their job to work at said establishment. Maybe you’ve never had a QSR job, maybe you have.

Like, Share, or Comment if you’re willing to take this challenge.

If you feel like sharing your experience (in public or private) comment on our send me a message or email.

Also on a ‘completely unrelated note’ you should visit a Dunkin’ Donuts south of I-80 or in Lincoln & buy something.

Have a great day.

Also I’m still looking for a ‪#‎wedding‬ date for Saturday May 2nd at 1800 and Saturday May 23rd at 1700. YES the wedding is for 4 people. They weren’t brave enough to have two weddings in one month. ALTHOUGH now that I think about it. That sounds like a solid idea.