Being Honestly

Recently (Wednesday or Thursday). I deleted contact, unfollowed from instagram & unfriended a single lady from my life.

My friend Jim told me that it was better to do it in person, but we were suppose to have dinner Wednesday night. NOT that she was aware of the reason I wanted to meet, she recently had a MAJOR change in her life.

But at 23:59:59 I have to do what’s best for Vernon J. I told a mutual friend (Jennifer), that I would do what I can.

But I’m Being Honest, I know what I want out of my life & it ain’t ‘maybe’s’, ‘I don’t want to ruin our friendship’.

I am willing to PUT IT ALL ON THE LINE.

But thanks to Mandi for inviting me to her Birthday Party.

I met a nice lady & ASKED HER OUT. .

I also had a GREAT dinner with Melissa on Thursday night.

So life will be what it is & what I want.


Thanks Mandi Raver​ for the invite.
Thanks Jim Gerner​ & Jennifer Skinner​ for listening & that’s all you did, cause I sure didn’t ask for advice.

Being Honestly

Team #VernonJ