Call the Lawyers

Under the proposal, on certain projects the city would help pay contractors’ costs for hiring and training people who live in high-poverty neighborhoods or who receive food stamps or Medicaid.

Can you even ask if they are receiving aid?

Can you give someone preferential treatment based on their address?

You might want to run that by an employment, contract  & constitutional lawyer

Healthcare Reform

When the court rules in King v. Burwell, we anticipate that it will hold the administration to the laws Congress passed, rather than the laws the administration wishes Congress had passed, and prohibit subsidies in states that opted not to set up their own exchanges, as the language in the law clearly states. Such a ruling could cause 6 million Americans to lose a subsidy they counted on, and for many the resulting insurance premiums would be unaffordable.

Live It

Had a great time last night.

Good Afternoon & many blessings.

Paul,  Josh, Jim, & many others contributed to the funness.

Today is the 1st day of March in my 36th year. 

For the next 30 days it’s Anything Can Happen March. I’m not sure what that entails,  but let’s remove that governor off our engines.

Are you ready to live with it?