The Public Pulse, March 11

Redefining marriage could prove perilous

There have been numerous discussions lately arguing justifications for same-sex marriage and disputing the authority of government entities to define marriage as solely the union of one man and one woman. I find it interesting that all of these arguments address only laws regarding the union of two individuals of the same sex and completely ignore laws dealing with bigamous and polygamous relationships.

If civil law is to be changed such that “marriage” is whatever the participants wish it to be, then shouldn’t acceptance of same-sex marriage be accompanied by an equal acceptance of bigamy and polygamy?

Dennis Schafer, Omaha

1st Song of the Day

I don’t know what this day will hold.

I know I have to work, that’s the only promise & think I have to do.

What do you have going on.

I’m Vernon J & I’m only 2 muscle movements away.