How I feel about Marijuant & ‘it doesn’t hurt anybody’.

Mark that is not true. The number of people killed in the drug trade is more than zero. Marijuana is illegal and just cause people like Sarah, Ron, David, & ‘the facebook generation’ feels that it shouldn’t be illegal means squat.

The reasons it is illegal is that it is illegal. Until the laws are changed people need to respect the law of the land.

What a weekend

That was great.

Good Morning Beautiful.

Our was an amazing weekend. Nap all the days. Sports, friends, challenges & adventures.

Today is the 2nd of February in my 36th Year.

Thursday I worked both jobs & napped

Friday I worked one job, napped, was a dragon, went to Crescent Moon, went to UNO Hockey to see the #5 team win in overtime over the #1 team.

I also discovered fraud on my checking account, so that actually didn’t effect me too much.

Saturday I worked at Dunkin’, napped, ate dinner, watch about 1/2 of the Saturday game.

Thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible. Look for photos later today.

How was your weekend?