Promotions & Team

So I am now a shift leader at Dunkin’

Good Afternoon & Happy Wednesday!

There has also been changes at First Data. I’ve moved from the Pentagon Federal Credit Union Credit team to the debit team. Nothing changes at the macro level. Still Monday – Friday, Flex Scheduling.

Dunkin’ Donuts big changes as a shift leader. I’ll be in charge of the shift, pay changes, schedule changes. I’ll be working some Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday evenings. I started doing this on Sunday 02/08. A slight learning curve, but I can handle it.

What’s new in your world?

Well let’s see what we got this weekend?

Thursday Night we have the NASCAR Sprint Cup Budweiser Duels. Coverage starts at 1600 on Fox Sports 1, race starts at 1800 on Fox Sports 1. I can guarantee that it will be on at Vernon J’s place. IF you want to go to Brewsky’s & watch the race, I’m okay with that.

Friday is the 1st & only guaranteed Fish Fry of the season. Visit Jim’s Facebook group for more information.

I’m excited.

Today was a tough day for me.

I went & saw Jupiter Ascending, it is a great movie. MUCH better than any other movie I’ve went & saw this month.

Thanks for reading.