President proposes publicly funded community college for all – Nation – Breaking news and local coverage from the Omaha World-Herald

The White House says details on how the president proposes to pay for the plan will come next month.

“I want to make it free,” Obama said at a community college in Tennessee, where he described such schools as a “central pathway” to the middle class. “Community college should be free for those willing to work for it because, in America, a quality education should not be a privilege that is reserved for a few,” he said.

This reminds me of other such proposals.

You need to find the money first, then build the program.

I’m for providing a post high school education to all.

But it needs to be fine in a well thought out manner.

Way. Past time to Build It

Four of the the Supreme Court members ruled that the bill is unconstitutional because it transfers power from the PSC to the governor. But that’s not a super-majority of judges, the threshold required to deem a law unconstitutional. So they vacated the lower court ruling.

That effectively would seem to punt the issue to President Obama’s administration, which has cited the Nebraska lawsuit as a reason to delay its final decision on its federal permit.

We are Way past the time to Build It

Five Months

We are five months away from the 37th Annual Celebration of Vernon J.

God’s Morning & God’s Way.

Looking forward to this year’s celebration. Making new friend’s? Bringing smiles for sure.

Today is the 9th day of January in Vernon J’s 36th year.

Had a good, interesting, & I’m tired kickoff to the weekend. I got an extra three hours of work yesterday. Worked a total of 13.25 instead of the 10 I anticipated. Get paid by the hour.

The word of the day is interosculate which is to form a connecting link.

Team Vernon J has made a change of plans for the party tonight. We will not be going to see Selma tonight. As of the current time. Stay tuned to The Official Blog of Vernon J for any changes.

We are going to Rojá tonight. For happy hour. Meet us at 512……….

Have a great day.