My adventure

Where you going?

Good Morning Beautiful b 🙂

Can I go with you?

Today is the 5th day of December in my 36th year.

I saw the following picture on

Yes some adventures include a rental car

Denver – April
Kansas City – May
Chicago – July
Anywhere with you – 2 to 3 days a week?

We’re back to our normal work week. 10-10-8-6-6. No going to do inventory ( this week). I can’t confirm any further than that.

I pray for people who are making choices that affect their employment status. Hopefully they are able to find a better path to be a better person. I’m also praying for Annika as she returns to work from her injury.

So Nebraska Furniture Mart is having a 50% off couches sale. I looked at this one – I’ll be heading over there to check it out & ask that fancy stuff. If I buy this, it’ll be my first new couch EVER. I wanted to go with something new that’ll last ‘us’ awhile.

The word of the day is rallentando which is slackening; becoming slower (used as a musical direction).

Here’s to a good day for Team Vernon J & all the other teams.

Oh Sanctions

The new measures are unlikely to make much of a difference in North Korea, which has been bombarded by sanctions for decades and has woven an obsession with self-reliance into its national psyche.

3 things to know about new US sanctions on North Korea (from @AP)

We were discussing* these sanctions on Friday.

By discussing I mean, making fun of the sanctions. How they world literally have no effect.

The U.S.A. doesn’t even have formal diplomatic relations with U.S.A. Click to read.

It’s like an ex-girlfriend (or boyfriend) saying they don’t like something.