Complete Streets and Transportation | Greater Omaha Young Professionals

Entering adulthood during the recession, many millennials are too debt-laden and underemployed to afford a car. They see mass transit, biking and walking as not only cheaper but also good for their health and the environment.”
This isn’t to say that all emerging young professionals will eschew their cars. This is to say, however, that in order for this region to be competitive in attracting and retaining talent, we have to provide safe, effective and efficient multi-modal transportation amenities.

We’ve got a choice.

How we do movies

A studio could charge $12 for a standard ticket, or $12 for a streaming, day one rental. The difference is the $12 they get from the digital customer has no chunk carved out of it for the movie theater (as small of a chunk as that may be, it’s still something). The consumer gets to avoid the hassle of driving, parking, finding babysitting, dealing with overpriced snacks,


*bowling update* Mockingbird Lanes offer $60 for a lane (up to six people). $2/per person shoes. from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00

Are y’all still interested? Happy #FNP!

cc Melissa Frye Kristen Caniglia Malachinski

For the non special it is $3.60/3.99 a game, $2.75 shoes