This Morning

Back from vacation.

Good Morning Readers.

I’m ready to get up at 0408, go until 2030 – 2230. Of course this all depends if I’m working that night.

Today is the 5th of November in my 36th year.

Last night was election night & if I asked you to do one thing it was vote. I would like to have you.


It wasn’t a secret how I’d be voting. Well America, Nebraska you can through. Our party won. NOW we have a job to do.

Well said Stacey. It’s time to show America & the world that our words & values can be turned into action, legislation, & a better America.

To all my friends, associates, & colleagues(of a sort) that worked and/or volunteered on a campaign. Good work, glad to see your hard work accomplished.

So today I’ve just got First Data Work. I’ll do nine or ten hours. Then I’m heading home, I’ve got no plans beyond that. So if you want to do something, give me a ring.

My Thursday schedule has changed. My Dunkin’ Schedule, which you can always see. Let’s just save that to your phone or computer laptop. That 2-got shift is new as of yesterday.

I voted against 425, because liked I explained to an associate of Vernon J. A wage is a PRIVATE contract between an employee & employer. I’m making more than the minimum wage will be in 2015. Not cause they government said so, it’s cause I’m a hard worker & being employee. I’m bring rewarded for that.

So what’s happening this weekend?

How has your week been