I Fixed It

I fixed the internet, YES IT WAS BROKEN. Ask Regan.

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday.

Broken Links are no good. Thanks to Regan for mentioning it.

Today is the 2nd day of September in my 36th year.

On this day in 1981 Heather was born. Happy Birthday Heather.

We are only 2 days into this week. We are doing quite well. How is yours going?

The word of the day isĀ tintinnabular which is of or pertaining to bells or bell ringing.

Something amazing happens/ed on Saturday. It became amazinger over the lady two days.

Is amazinger even a word?

What do you got going on this week?

So today we are doing a 10 hour deal. Friday will not be a short day. If you read this blog everyday you’d know why. Tomorrow & Thursday will be. I’m thinking 10, 7, 7, 8? I’ve got to work at Dunkin’ Donuts W, T, & S. I could also do 10, 6, 6, 10. Maybe I’ll do four 8’s I don’t know.

actually I have a dentist arrangement Wednesday. So Wednesday will be a short day.

Have a good day yourself