Goes good with

I was just thinking what goes good with tomato soup.

A nice delicious grilled cheese.

Do I need a meat?

You have several minutes to respond go.

Ain’t no way

I just got my schedule. I get of work Sunday (24th) at two. We can do it starting at 3 to 3:30. $20 an hour.

You literally can do better.

Happy Day 96th St.

We are counting on you to do A so we can do B, and you didn’t do A so …

Today is Thursday the 21st day of August in my 36th year.

I got up an hour later than I normally would. Heading into work 1 half hour later than normal.

The word of the day is fibbertigibbet which is Archaic. A gossip.

I’ve got the short shift(s) today. Check out I Just Call You Mine by Martina McBride http://ow.ly/3oEeXF

I’m looking forward ti the rest of the weekend. Same short shifts Friday. Saturday I work 0500 to noon. Just set alarm.  Saturday I may help with a deconstruction project. Also it’s Bristol, BABY!™

Now Sunday(which isn’t part of the weekend. Deal With It.) I’ll have to work, no I don’t know what time. I might Soso go horse back riding. Awaiting confirmation if this Sunday works.

Do you wanna?

I think that’s it for this post.

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