The greatest

I have one of the best job/lives.

GrEaT Morning & Happy beginning of the work week.

Being me is great.

Today is Wednesday the 20th day of August in my 36th year.

Not that it is a secret but being me is a pretty good deal. Good friends, Good life. I’m okay with this.

Had a great time at Pint Night last night. The glass is washed & out in the glasses area of the house. There was laughs & pictures. Visit me for us. I’ll have those pictures up after I post this, which means by time you read this we’ll have updated.

The word of the day isĀ singultus which is a hiccup.

I’m almost current to date at work. I think I can do it. Speaking of work, I had a great shift there too. Congressman Lee Terry stopped by to talk to us how the government is effecting our business. He said hello to me in front of everyone.

Great speech & great questions from our teammates.

What was your Tuesday like?

Are you happy with the life you’re choosing to live?