Yeah i did it.

So apparently the power went out. I don’t care.

Good Morning & Happy New Day.

Which means the microwave & stove needed to be reset.

Today is Monday the 18th Day of August in my 36th year.

I ain’t got time for worthless stuff so I did this.

Prepare yourself I’m going to discuss current events.

As you know a certain city in a certain state is having issues.

I haven’t discussed this particular issue on the internet. My life isn’t affected by this issue directly, but lay night was enough.

As always this is a sad occasion when a life is taken by violence. There are two families affected by this.

There will of course be an investigation & the truth will come out.

Now with that being said.

The situation is getting out of control. There are two groups that need to bear equal responsibility for this.

First & Foremost the media is responsible for their role & lack of respect for the situation. As you know I hold the media to a higher level of responsibility than the individual. If they didn’t report like they did it would be a different situation.

Second the citizens of the town, county, state & the other visitors causing trouble down there. YES, we are constitutionally allowed to assemble. That isn’t the issue.

The issue are the people who are breaking buildings. Not respecting the lawful commands of the authority in the area. YES, if you were at home you wouldn’t be getting tear gassed or any other uncomfortable situation Destroying your business community & neighbors property is the worse thing you could do.

The issues that are in that community are profound & I don’t know them all.

What I do know is that in Kalamazoo & Omaha had had similar situations of a police officer shooting an individual. We’ve had the prayer walks, the walls for justice, the meetings, we’ve reviewed the situation & come out better from it. I hope this happens in that community.

The word of the day is ameslan which is American Sign Language.

So my weekend & Sunday was great. Thursday & Friday worked both jobs. Saturday I worked 9.2 hours at Dunkin’ Donuts. It was fun.

Sunday went to the Omaha Storm Chasers game. That was warm & very fun. Can’t wait to do it again. 🙂

Today we’ve got work, additional ironing, picking up shirts, biking, laughing. Just having a good time.

What do you got going on?

image I do what I want Mr. Microwave & you don’t tell me what that want is. #TakeThat