ObamaCare Exchange Enrollment Is Shrinking

You cannot force people to buy something.  ObamaCare The Exchange Enrollment Is Shrinking, Top Insurers Say – Investors.com http://news.investors.com/politics/081114-712602-obamacare-enrollment-falling-aetna-says.htm

The market will correct itself. This correction may be coming sooner than people thought.

A large number of people may have signed up. But the people who want buying health insurance before, agent going to keep it.

If the fine is less than the premiums who do you think will win?

I was against the ACA before it was fully read & vetted.

Repeal & Replace.


Do I take my bike to work?

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday.

Well I decided that I have enough time between work & meeting. There is no need to take my bike.

Today is the 12th day of August in my 36th year. Today is the start of Melissa’s 35th year. Happy Birthday Melissa.

Can some explain this to me? http://instagram.com/p/rlwT96K7Zk/

My comments under the cut.

So I had a good night. Talked & laughed with roommate. Made some desserts. There was no crying.

Got an email sent out, updated a blog.

The word of the day is brusque which is abrupt in manner, blunt; rough.

Tonight I have a meeting.

What do you have going on?

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