Bicycle & Walking Coordinator

This is a letter I @Jean_Stothert sent to organizations supporting Omaha’s Bike-Pedestrian Coordinator position and the feedback the we are taking a step backwards:

Our commitment to safe transportation for everyone has never been limited to just one person and it won’t be now.

Since it was created four years ago, the bike-pedestrian coordinator’s salary has been paid primarily with private funding. As that money runs out, and the donors are not renewing their financial support, the position will be eliminated, but our commitment to safe, accessible multi-modal transportation will in fact, be expanded.

my take As a non-car owner. I’m clearly for the multi-modal transportation. As a taxpayer, I’m for government reducing costs, unnecessary services, eliminating duplicated services. I’m glad that Carlos was here to facilitate change. But the ALAC is a better use of time, money, & other resources. A position will be eliminated, but will there be a vacuum in that area, no. I know Julie & she will do a great job being chair of this committee.

I also ride from/to 108th & Q to midtown/downtown. We are lacking east/west trails, but that is something we as riders know about.

We Don’t Coast in Omaha. There are too many hills.

Last week, I created the Active Living Advisory Committee by Executive Order. This citizen volunteer board will advise our administration and assist with the development of a more holistic approach to design and promote all aspects of active living and Complete Streets. I have named Julie Harris, Program Manager for Live Well Omaha, as committee chairperson.

Public input is critical. This board will allow more people to have a voice, which has not always been the case. We will also have staff members from Public Works, Planning, Parks and Recreation and my office, all with planning and engineering experience, serving in an advisory role. We are currently accepting resumes from anyone interesting in serving on this board.

Before the end of the year, we will name a point person who will work with you. The person we choose will have experience with all modes of transportation and well-established relationships in our community.

In addition, the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency also plans to take a larger role and designate an employee to this area so we have a broader, regional approach.

These steps should demonstrate our ongoing and long-term commitment to active living and all modes of transportation.