District drops federal lunch program

Children who get free or reduced-price lunches – about 17 percent of the student body – will still get them at that price.
Only now, the school district will absorb the cost – more than $260,000 a year – rather than use federal funding to cover it.


More government overreach. Thanks for local control.

What is a prune fiber?

Bicycle & Walking Coordinator

This is a letter I @Jean_Stothert sent to organizations supporting Omaha’s Bike-Pedestrian Coordinator position and the feedback the we are taking a step backwards:

Our commitment to safe transportation for everyone has never been limited to just one person and it won’t be now.

Since it was created four years ago, the bike-pedestrian coordinator’s salary has been paid primarily with private funding. As that money runs out, and the donors are not renewing their financial support, the position will be eliminated, but our commitment to safe, accessible multi-modal transportation will in fact, be expanded.

my take As a non-car owner. I’m clearly for the multi-modal transportation. As a taxpayer, I’m for government reducing costs, unnecessary services, eliminating duplicated services. I’m glad that Carlos was here to facilitate change. But the ALAC is a better use of time, money, & other resources. A position will be eliminated, but will there be a vacuum in that area, no. I know Julie & she will do a great job being chair of this committee.

I also ride from/to 108th & Q to midtown/downtown. We are lacking east/west trails, but that is something we as riders know about.

We Don’t Coast in Omaha. There are too many hills.

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We Ready

We Are Ready to live.

Good Morning & Happy New Shot.

I can do this, you can do this, WE CAN do this.

Today is Monday the 11th day of the 8th month.

A good Sunday. We worked, & got to see some NASCAR racing due to a red flag.

I didn’t do any baking, but then I never said I was. I’m looking forward to this week.

Monday is/will be Monday.
Tuesday we’ve got our Omaha YR meeting.
Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday we’ve got doubles.
Saturday is work & …
Sunday is my day off & time for some Omaha Storm Chasers baseball

Recently, a friend asked me what would I recommend his daughter major in as she begins college this fall.  I thought for a moment and answered “welfare”.  The father was quite taken back as I took out my IPAD and forwarded him some one of my files which contains our recent economic statistics. Read More Here … Nebraska is number 39. We know & practice better stewardship of our dollars. 

Enjoy this day.

Remember to call 8-1-1 before you dig.